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 Grounding - Becoming Tree



During our journey of health and well being of  Body, Mind and Soul , we often forget an important element .  It is called grounding; sometimes also referred to as anchoring ourselves.  Simply put it means our feet are firmly planted as our posture is straight and tall . This allows all energies to flow freely within as well as with-out.  In doing this, along with breath, we are able to still the mind, while clearing unfocused energies and thoughts. In general this allows us to create a solid and whole sense of well being. There is a very simple exercise one can do to achieve this .

I have lovingly named it ;

Becoming Tree

Becoming a tree is the vision you need to hold for this easy exercise.

It is preferable, but not necessary, to stand outdoors in a wide open space.

All the better if you are able to stand on grass. (Make sure the neighbors aren't watching.) Regardless of where you choose to "plant your roots" you do need to remove shoes and socks.

Begin by wiggling your roots (toes).

Plant both feet firmly on the ground. Remember you are a large solid oak tree. 

Keep your legs comfortably apart . Feet should be firmly planted on ground . All weight should be resting deeply on your legs and feet ( your  trunk and roots).

Now as you stand for a moment solid and strong ,take a deep cleansing breath as you feel your legs as the trunk and your feet have become roots burrowing deep in the earth for support and nourishment (water).

Now raise your arms up as you envision them as the limbs of a strong deeply rooted tree. They reach up and out absorbing the suns warm embrace. This warm light-filled energy travels down through your trunk, into your firmly planted roots out into the earth. You are grounded

You are solid as the Mighty Oak

You are anchored to all there is.

When you are completely filled , return to your daily life, now knowing something nice has been exchanged and balanced through-out your body.

*** During my " annual speaking" with teens in schools I would bring whole classes outside on the grass and do this exercise. Surprisingly they not only enjoyed it but afterwards they would say (even the guys that laughed a lot during it) hey this stuff feels pretty good.So please have fun in sharing it with your family.

© Rainspirite 2005



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