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 Dark Night of The Soul



In experiencing a place of deep fear and depression..........


is called Dark Night of the soul. The following offers some insights as to what this is and more importantly it offers some tools to walk through it. As with all things remember this too is another part of your inner journey. So please be gentle with self for you see;

'"we can surely be our own worst enermies".


From the conception of writing this, to its birth upon reaching you, it has greatly evolved in a very short span of time.

Some call it The Dark Night of The Soul. Some call it walking through the Tunnel of Darkness. I call it Clan of The Cave Bear.

These are 3 experiences of darkness, upon our walk in the woods.

These are dark moments of cleansing and reflecting. They are the moments we experience despair, feeling all alone (notice the all in there), a feeling of walls crumbling down all around us.

These crumbling walls are the beauty/blessing of the experience that we often overlook and miss. They are the stepping stones to light.

Many call it a time of "The Dark Forces " or "evil beings" possessing us.

However one calls it or sees it, I would like to offer some tools of assistance. Perhaps a new perspective as I am a student/teacher of embracing All Things In All Ways.

Please keep in mind, that these dark nights hold great importance for our growth, our learning journey in Earth School, and always bring us to a clearer vision of personal truth and vision. It is our great teacher of experiencing spirit/ hu-man fully.

In my 2 year exploration In dark and 1 year exploration In black holes as well as the core of Mother Earth, I would like to share my following experiences and guidings. Only recently have I understood that the black hole is the center of Our Galaxy. I sense this is so with Our Universe as well.

It is the negative female magnetic energy of creation. In short, it is the womb of creation where conception begins.

So pull up a blanket and snuggle with me as we venture through the halls of darkness together.

The most common and repeated form of experiencing darkness, is to walk through the tunnel of darkness. ( If we walk through the tunnel with a new perspective, our journey becomes all the more joy-filled.)

Two of the most frightening aspects of walking through this tunnel is
1- The Darkness itself. What many perceive as void of light.
2- The feeling of fear, disparity, despair. The feeling of Be-ing Alone.

1- There is always light at the end of a tunnel.
When we enter the tunnel of darkness, it appears to be pitch black, void of all light.

Take a moment to focus your vision. Take deep cleansing breaths and check again. I promise you, there is a teeny weenie pinhole of light at the end of the tunnel. Always! Breathing deep, set your course towards that pinhole.

As you bravely walk forward, that teeny weenie pinhole of light becomes larger and larger still. Once you reach it, you find it is yet another doorway. Step through this doorway of dark to light.

This new light is "the next level", often seen as the peak of a mountain. However you choose to see it. This brings a new perspective of dark. If you can see the dark in a new perception/conception, giving birth to light, this helps to eliminate much of the fear and anxiety surrounding these times in our life. Thus allowing newly created space for joy.

2 - My second promise is that you are never alone in the tunnel. It just feels like you are alone. Take a moment to ask for help, for guidance as you walk this path. Breathe away the fear, anger, frustration and allow yourself to see the many hands reaching out to help guide you along. These hands are loving hands, ready to hold you during your darkest moments, your darkest fears.
If you are too afraid to take hold of them, simply know they are there in loving service for You. Simply know you are not alone.

One of the most difficult times of darkness is called Dark Night of The soul. This often entails a time of complete solitude. It can be felt with total despair, loneliness, deep fear, anger and or pain.

We may sleep a lot during this time, or perhaps get ill, throwing our self into bed to rest. These times are often followed by what is perceived as deep loss and or deep cleansings of our roots and core centers. This cleansing frequently takes place in the solar plexus and heart chakra, marking a significance of a half way point. It is often triggered by the breaking of a relationship, loss of job or financial stability; a major CHANGE in day to life. (Remember most do not adjust well to change.)

Dark night of the soul is represented by The Tower card and or The Death Card in the tarot deck. Often these cards are feared by many. Both cards represent a huge transformation taking place in your life.

In a more positive light, this metamorphosis can be seen as the caterpillar and the butterfly. Allow yourself the time to sit within the warmth of the womb of the cocoon as the metamorphosis takes place.

Lastly, within the halls of darkness we meet The Clan of The Cave Bear. With Bears strength we are reminded to hibernate and rest. We are reminded of the sleeping strength resting within.
We are reminded of the care and attention given to our cubs.
To the part we call Mother.
To the part we call nurturer..

But as with all things, in all ways.
we are reminded there is a time and season for all.

We are reminded that bear is the creature of dreams, shamans, mystics and visionaries .

As we walk together in beauty

With Love and Reverence,

© Rainspirite 2005



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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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