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The Chakras
what are they?? ever hear the phrase ....your personal space...
or your personal bubble??
well that's your aura,
and you can't really talk about chakras without talking about auras.
Everything is energy.... everything!!!
everything is moving, just at different rates or speeds.... this is kind of physics 101
basic stuff, yet there was a time, when this info was not as available as it is now.
so an aura is your personal energy field... it contains, all your stuff....
our physical body , and we are far more then our physical bodies...
there is the emotional body, the mental body, the ethereal body, the spiritual body,
and an astral body too....
 and who knows, it goes on to infinity and beyond.
lots of levels and layers, lots of nooks and crannies....
the chakras, and we'll be talking about the main 7, plus a couple more...
the chakras are energy centers... easy simple... there is always movement and flow
I'm giving just some very basic information here.
the east is far more informed then the west is in regards to energies.
so lots of the info has come by way of the orient express,
although what I share has been adapted to ease understanding.
Understanding helps in growth and healing, in becoming whole,
 or rather all of who you are,who you're meant to be.
We are all pretty amazing.
sooooo....here we go...
 the 7 basic chakras, or energy centers...
wheels of light,on our front and through to the back of us , but also like bridges,
between us,our personal energy;
 and all the energies around us, our environment,
nature,mother earth
and the universe,
 how we interact with other energies.
Chakras serve to stimulate & activate the consciousness and the body connection.
They contain all our beliefs, identifications and life experiences,
(yes even past lives)
Like a  rainbow???
well in a sense it fills us!
We'll start at the bottom and work our way up.
At the base of your spine,your tail bone and moving forward to your pubic bone,
is the base or root chakra.
This is the "gateway to life and death"
in other words it's an entry-exit point
This is the place of your foundation... your ancestors, yet even deeper and older then that
it's our support, this is the chakra of grounding,and stability,
a lot of trust issues and boundaries are centered here.
generally speaking this chakra's color is red...
although I'm aware that this is not always so.
a good beginning stone to work with would be obsidian or hematite.
the element associated with the root chakra is EARTH
the sense is Smell
the shape is square (basic..as in the box ...foundation)
some  aromas or scents are cedar or clove.
the next chakra as we move upwards is the creative chakra
it's located in the region between our belly buttons and pubis
it deals with ,creativity...procreation... our babies... and that can mean anything we create
art, music, words, whatever
even relationships
self love and self acceptance
it is our creative juices, our creativity,our sexuality
desire and enthusiasm!!!
the color is orange
stones you might employ would be carnelian or orange calcite
the element is water (emotions)
the sense is taste
the shape is triangle
some aromas you might enjoy using when working with this chakra would be
sandlewood and ylangylang
the next chakra as move upwards is the creative chakra
it's located in the region between our belly buttons and pubis
moving on .....we arrive at our solar plexus
and as it's namesake the sun... this chakras' color is yellow
this is the seat of our personal power,
where we put our guard up or down,
you know... your gut instincts!!!...
we can feel other peoples power get/hit us there,and guess what they can feel ours too!!!
lots goes on & on & on
in the pit of our stomachs
it's how we take things in...
how we digest things... or how things may eat at us...
this may be the one chakra that you actually have some sense of.
lots of stuff revolves around our personal power!!!
owning our stuff.... taking responsibility for our own stuff...ALL of it.
stones.......amber  or tiger's eye
sense...... sight
aromas/scents......lavender  (relax..get rid of the knots in your tummy)
we have now arrived at our CENTER
and how very appropriate the center is the HEART
the next chakra is the heart center
this is where heaven and earth meet so to speak..
there are actually 2 colors  associated with the heart center...
green and pink
the heart is about love... and the pink ray is all about love
green is the healing color of the heart
as we move upwards in the chakra system
we move to the higher 'energies'
the higher realms
the next chakras are  associated with
higher knowledge and ways of being
many of us have broken hearts from the get-go
the grieving heart
the wounded heart
the pain is real... the disruption in the energy flows
I always tell my students and clients...
becoming aware is the first step in healing .
all of the blockages and tangles in our chakras
really do affect our physical health,
more so then most folks realize!!!
stones that are used in healing the heart center
pink quartz ,malachite
element~~~~~  air
sense~~~~~touch, of course
shape....the plus sign + and of course the heart
aromas & scents.... rose
  as we move up our spinal column
also referred to as the 'pranic tube'...
this is where our life force flows,
 our chakras ;are the centers of reaching out and drawing in the energies the surround us at all time
that move and flow all around.
as we move onward... we find our voice...our communication center
our throat
  which is the next chakra in line
our voice ...our hearing and our listening
and appropriatly the sense is sound
the element is the ethers
the shape is the cresent ( a cradle or a shelter over head)
your voice,speak up,sing your song
the color is a beautiful sky blue
scents that might be healing for this chakra 
sage ~~~  eucalyptus
phrases like ;the cats got your tonge , got a frog in my throat; or losing ones voice
all have to do with communicating or the lack of
growing up listening to Helen Reddys "I am Woman hear me Roar"
spoke so clearly to me as well as
empowered many voices in to self empowerment!!
self healing and personal growth!
so often in our childhoods,we aren't aloud to be heard
this is not so much the case as it was in years past, but it still is present
Speaking your truth...
truth sets you free
and freedom is everyones right.
it's about choices....
life is ALWAYS about choices!!!
we have arrived at the infamous
3rd eye
the inner vision or sight
the minds eye
these are all fairly comman names of the 6th chakra
everybody wants pyschic sight
believe me it it is both a gift and a bother
being clairvoyant has more to then  just 'pyschic seeing'
it's clear intuition, clear insights, being able to see "THE BIGGER PICTURE"
seeing the other side, or that there may be more then one side,
seeing with more perspective any given situation.
a huge sense of knowing!
and having the CLARITY to know what to do, or the sense to do nothing
It's about being present in the moment, & not just once in a while
but more often then not, till you can be present all the time.
It's about having ethics and morals to mind your own stuff,
and not get into someone elses space and stuff... no matter how intriging it may seem.
it's also about owning your own power and not trying to control or manipulate someone elses.
big stuff for sure...
the color is indigo, the element is the coherent light ray,
the sense is clear seeing ...the 6th sense
shape, the 6 pointed star
scents and stones to awaken....azurite and jasmine
move forward with  caution & care.
the final chakra I'll discuss in any detail is the crown chakra...
ya know the baby soft spot on the top of your head... that's it.
your crowning glory...
the colors are violet,lavender and crystal
amethyst is the perfect stone
element is SPIRIT
sense is thought
shape is the lotus flower
aromas...try rose, lavender and spruce to begin with.....
this  is our connection to our high self,to spirit,
 to the divine,to source ,to god...
what ever your words or labels are...
this is the place to connect
to consciousness
to realization
to awareness
 watch your dreams....they speak to you, your dreams are messages from spirit,
direct from your consciousness
your inner voice....
be still
it's not as easy as you might think...learn to be still
to quiet the mental chatter
how often do you do brain drains????
do you still have monsters roaming the realms of your mind???
let them go
break free from the mental clutter
be you
be the you you were meant to be!!!
there are so many other lesser chakras... in the feet and the hands
there is the high heart chakra, the alter major,the wing chakras... and then there are all the higher levals of chakras... each with its' own unique story...
it's fun to get to know yourself this way to learn and grow and heal through your energy system
if you'e be interested in learning more, I offer a class,
this is something to do in your own time ...
 and with the opportunity to e-mail and ask me questions.
I also offer balancing and clearing sessions...
so if your interested....
let me know
Molly Rice
my thoughts are with you as you continue to journey forward....remember if there happens to be puddles on you path of life.... take time to splash and play in them, and don't forget to make a mud pie now and then... and when the blossoms spring forth under your feet, stop to smell and enjoy.... feel the sunsets and the sunrises...taste the breeze...hear the song of the tweetie birds, and soar high on wings of love.... be present and conscious in each moment and feel it to the fullest.....let your light shine bright for all to see. and May you feel the peace that passes all our understandings.....
close your eyes at the end of each day with a contented sigh and open them each morn with joy in your heart....
Please visit Molly and her Earth Wisdom at

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