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~Cleansing & Clearing~
Crystals, Stones, Gems, Rocks & Minerals...
~Caring for Mother Earth's gifts to us~
This is a sharing for my Sister*Friend Rain
on Cleansing Crystals & Stones to use for healing,
programming, communing & living with...
Once a crystal or stone has called out to go home
to live with you, or gifted to you by a loved one,
then you are blessed!  I find it a good practice to
cleanse it of energies acquired within it's life after it
has been removed from the Earth before coming to
live with you.
Cleanse with tap water, letting it run over the stone
for some minutes as you make the request for it to
be cleansed & cleared...Or soak it in a glass or
porcelain bowl of water for anywhere from 10 minutes
to overnight. Some soft minerals, those less than 4.0
on the Mohs Hardness scale ought not to be soaked
in water as they may disintegrate or change shape!
I lay my stones out to dry on paper towels after a
water bath...Periodically it is good to bathe your stones
if dusty or if accumulated energies have occurred in the
surroundings of where they live or have traveled with you
out of the home. This is at your discretion...Yet, if you have
had an argument nearby your stones, you may feel anxiety
later if you do not cleanse them! They are great recorders
& will have some of that energy on them if they were within
three feet of you at that time.  As you probably know they
are excellent transmitters, too! Thus, it is best for them to
be cleared before you program them with your wishes...Only
positive wishes of the Light are accepted by the crystals, this
is known to be true after the final fall of Atlantis...They will
crack or self-destruct or dematerialize if a negative use is
attempted so I am told & feel this to be true...
Your own breath can cleanse stones...While holding the
crystal take a deep breath, then exhale over the stone
while asking for it to be cleansed & cleared!  It works very
well...If you have a large grouping of stones then the form
of 'air' cleansing I prefer is incense wafted over the stones.
Sandalwood, sage, cedar, frankincense or copal are all
acceptable cleansers for your crystals...There may be
others, like Nag Champa & some blends that feel to work
for your crystal clearings...Trust your own intuiting of what
your stones wish for! It will be correct~
Burying stones within soil either outside or inside is a
cleansing method, too. Utilizing sea salt, or sand is a
variation of that method. An hour to 24 hours are the
usual recommended times for this cleansing procedure.
It is said to throw out the salt after doing this, and if it
is sand or dirt then it may be best to put outside for
purification...To ship a delicate crystal or mineral in a
box of sea salt is occasionally done...Make sure it is
not a soft mineral or it will be pitted or damaged with
long exposure to salt.
Utilizing exposure to natural Sun or Moon Light is a
way to cleanse & clear your crystals & stones...Put
them outside or next to an inside window that receives
light for a good length of time...Ask or intend for this
clearing as you place them there, and so it is done!
Fluorite & Calcite & a few other soft stones may fade
if left in natural or artifical light for any long period of
time, just a warning, as that can be very disappointing
to you & the stones!  Full Moon's gift an extra energy
to the stones and is a nice energy lift!
The Violet Flame of St. Germain's Transmutative light
may be visualized & decreed to cleanse & clear crystals.
See the Violet Flame surrounding your stones and ask
to be cleansed & so it will be done...Violet Flame Purify!
You may visualize Rainbow Light or Emerald Healing
Light of ArchAngel Raphael to cleanse your stones as
well...Or any other color or hue that you so choose or
relate to! ArchAngel Chamuel who resides in the ethers
over the Heartland of USA is one who will assist in
eliminating negative energies by decreeing, 'Be Gone
Forces of Anti-Love'...This works for energies and for
crystals & stones...recommended to be said 3 or 7
or 9 times in succession...
Crystals & stones energies can be cleared with sound!
Rattles, Chimes, Singing Bowls, or Omming with them
in hand or nearby you after intending them to be cleared
& cleansed is another way that is beneficial & effective.
Not necessary to be a long period of time, just what
feels right to you & your crystals...You will know when
enough is enough!
Mandalas, Sacred Art, Language of Light, Crop Circle
pictures and any Spiritual Symbol that appeals to you
is also known to cleanse & clear your stones & alter
their energies by laying them atop these pictures...
Another excellent clearing space is on a quartz cluster
or amethyst, kyanite or selenite blade or cluster...Give
the intent & levae them for an allotted time & you & they
will be pleased at the energies afterwards...
Truly there are other ways to cleanse & clear your stones,
crystals, rocks, gems & minerals! It is up to you & them
to decipher, ordain & manifest as many possibilities as
there are types of stones & people!  I do really feel that
to be true.  If you do not yet trust your own intuition and/or
the crystals to guide you then please use one of the above
methods...And the longer you have your crystals the more
likely that you will hear or feel what they will like done for
their next cleansing & clearing!  Enjoy yourself with some
of the best gifts that Mother Earth offers to us...
Namaste with Love, Light & Harmony,
For detailed lists and information
on specific crystals, rocks amd minerals
please visit Violet Mayas Mineral Source Room


For a wealth of information
on how crystals can assist us
and how to use them
please visit Violet Mayas Mineral Room at;

A-Z List of Crystals listed by Disorders or Illnesses

ABDOMEN smoky quartz


ACNE amethyst


AIR PURIFIER quartz crystal


ANEMIA coral, gamet, kunzite, ruby, tourmaline

ANGER blue-lace agate, chrysoprase, moss-agate

ANXIETY smithsonite, howlite

APPENDIX chrysolite

ARTHRITIS azurite, carnelian, ruby


ASTHMA malachite, rutilated quartz, tiger's eye


AURA CLEANSER lapis lazuli

AUTISM sugilite, moldavite

AWARENESS green calcite, orange calcite, celestite

BACK PROBLEMS petrified wood

BLADDER TROUBLE amber, coral, jade, jasper

(poor) citrine, magnetite, ruby, yellow topaz

BLOOD DISEASE amethyst, chrysolite, jasper, ruby

BLOOD PRESSURE aventurine, blue sodalite, black or green tourmaline

BONE MARROW amber, chalcedony

BRONCHITIS rutilated quartz

BURNS chrysoprase

CALMS BODY agate, celestite, yellow topaz, blue topaz

CALMS MIND agate, amazonite, amethyst, smithsonite, blue topaz

CERVIX zoisite

CHAKRAS BALANCED bloodstone, quartz crystal

CHAKRAS OPENED fluorite, kyanite, quartz crystal

CHEERFULNESS conicalcite, ruby, tourmaline

CLAIRVOYANCE chrysoprase

COLDS & FLU yellow topaz

COLIC coral

COMFORT gold calcite, dioptase


COMPASSION chrysoprase


CONFIDENCE, SELF agate, aventurine, bloodstone, orange calcite, diamond, garnet, rhodonite, tiger's eye

CONVULSIONS amber, amethyst, carnelian, lapis lazuli, moldavite,
quartz crystal

CREATIVITY amethyst, aventurine, chalcedony, howlite, ruby

DEPRESSION bloodstone, gold calcite, carnelian, chalcopyrite,
citrine, smoky quartz, diamond, chrysoprase, garnet, galena, howlite, jasper, jet, lapis lazuIi

DIABETES citrine

DIARRHEA quartz crystal

DIGESTION howlite, yellow jade, jasper, peridot


DIZZINESS quartz crystal

DOUBT staurolite

DREAM INDUCER citrine, garnet

DREAMS, INTUITIVE amethyst, jade


EAR (Inner) rhodonite


ELOQUENCE agate, amazonite, blue-lace agate, turquoise

EMOTIONS (bad) peridot

EMOTIONS (blocked) kunzite, blue tourmaline

EMOTIONS - CALMS moonstone, rose quartz

EMOTIONS (erratic) herderite, selenite


ENDURANCE sodalite

ENERGY garnet, hematite, kyanite, rhodonite, ruby


ENERGY (Physical) petrified wood

EYES aquamarine, aventurine, optical calcite, jade, jet, lapis lazuli, lazurite, obsidian snowflake, peridot, rhodochrosite

EYESIGHT malachite

FAITH sapphire


FEAR (banishes) agate, green calcite, charoite, diamond, jet

FERTILITY carnelian, zoisite

FEVER (reduction) agate, chrysoprase, peridot, ruby

FORGIVENESS rhodochrositeFRIENDSHIP lapis lazuli, moonstone, rose quartz, sapphire, tourmaline, turquoise

FRUSTRATION howlite, moss-agateGALL BLADDER orange calcite

GLANDS aquamarine

GRIEF amethyst

GROUNDING apache tear, carnelian, fluorite, mimetite, morion crystal, obsidian snowflake, smoky quartz, tourmaline, unakite

HEMORRHAGE quartz crystal, sapphire

HAPPINESS malachite

HEADACHES quartz crystal, rose quartz

HEALING (general) agate, amethyst, azurite, boji stone, gold calcite, dioptase, fluorite, kunzite, quartz crystal

HEARING agate, rhodonite

HEART aqua-aura, beryl, blue quartz, chalcedony, hematite, lapis lazuli, onyx

HIP petrified wood

HOSTILITY (fear of) grossuralite

HUMILITY chrysoprase

HYPERTENSION apatite, aventurine

HYPOCHONDRIA quartz crystal, tiger's eye

IDEALISM bloodstone

IMAGINATION galena, garnet, rose quartz, sapphire

IMMUNE SYSTEM snow quartz

IMPOTENCE carnelian

INFECTION (protection) garnet, pearl


INFLAMMATION blue-lace agate


INSOMNIA amethyst, aventurine, emerald, hematite, jacinth, peridot, sapphire, blue sodalite, yellow topaz, zircon

INSPIRATION tourmaline

INTELLECT emerald, rose quartz, yellow topaz


INTUITIVE AWARENESS amethyst, green calcite, ruby, turquoise

JOINTS (pain in) azurite

KIDNEYS anhydrite, bloodstone, green calcite, jade, rhodochrosite, quartz crystal, smoky quartz

KINDNESS chrysoprase

KNOWLEDGE OF SELF citrine, watermelon/pink tourmaline

LARYNGITIS turquoise

LARYNX morganite

LEADERSHIP blue topaz

LIVER aquamarine, beryl, bloodstone, lazurite, yellow topaz, zircon

LOGIC sodalite

LONG LIFE moonstone

LOVE dioptase, emerald, garnet, moonstone, opal, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, sapphire

LOYALTY kyanite, moonstone

LUCK smoky quartz, tiger's eye

LYMPH GLANDS tourmaline

MEDITATION amethyst, apache tear, aqua-aura, azurite, chrysoprase, kunzite, magnetite, quartz crystal, selenite, snow quartz, tourmaline, turquoise

MEMORY howlite

MENSTRUATION carnelian, chrysoprase, malachite, moonstone, ruby

MENTAL BREAKDOWN rhodochrosite, smithsonite

MENTAL CLEANSER lapis lazuli, malachite

MENTAL DISORDERS beryl, bloodstone



MIGRAINE aventurine, jet, rose quartz

MIND (troubled) jasper

MISCARRIAGE chrysoprase

MISFORTUNE tourmaline


MOUTH beryl

NECK STRAIN chrysoprase

NEGATIVE VIBRATIONS amethyst, chrysocolla, dolomite, fluorite, obsidian snowflake, peridot, quartz crystal, smoky quartz, black or green tourmaline

NERVOUSNESS sapphire, turquoise

NERVOUS SYSTEM atacamite, alexandrite, amazonite, amber, aquamarine, chrysocolla, chrysoprase, galena, jasper, morganite, peridot, yellow topaz, black or green tourmaline

NEURALGIA amethyst, aquamarine, carnelian


OPTIMISM chalcedony

OVARIES anhydrite, atacamite, chrysoprase, smoky quartzPAIN - EASES quartz crystal, ruby

PANCREAS alexandrite, green calcite, herderite, rhodochrosite, smoky quartz

PAST-LIFE RECALL garnet, kyanite, petrified wood, quartz crystal, selenite

PATIENCE chrysoprase

PEACE chrysoprase, larimer, rose quartz, blue tourmaline

PEACE OF MIND sapphire

PINEAL GLAND lazulite, sugilite

PITUITARY sugilite

PNEUMONIA fluorite

PROPHECY emerald

PROSTATE chrysoprase

PROTECTION sardonyx, turquoise

PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT azurite, howlite, lapis lazuli, opal, yellow topaz, blue topaz

PSYCHO-SOMATIC PAIN bloodstone, tiger's eye

PULSE (rapid) hematite

PULSE (steady) jasper

PURIFIER smoky quartz

RHEUMATISM amber, carnelian, malachite, ruby

RIGID MIND sodalite

SCHIZOPHRENIA larimar, lepidolite

SELF-CONFIDENCE galena, ruby


SELF-LOVE rose quartz

SELF-WORTH (lack of) crocidolite

SEX IMPROVED smoky quartz


SHYNESS lepidolite


SORROW EASED chrysoprase




SPIRITUAL GIFTS quartz crystal, blue topaz

SPLEEN (strengthens) albite, alexandrite, bloodstone, green calcite, chalcedony, herderite, lapis lazuli, rhodochrosite

STAR SOURCES moldavite

STAMMERING apatite, blue tourmaline

STOMACH aquamarine, beryl, chrysocolla, citrine, jasper

STOMACH ULCERS chrysocolla

STRESS amethyst, blue-lace agate, herkimer diamond, yellow topaz

STROKE lapis lazuli


TALENT bloodstone

TEETH aquamarine, fluorite

TENSION (emotional) amethyst, blue-lace agate, celestite, dioptase, tiger's eye

TENSION (muscular) smithsonite

TESTICLES alexandrite, atacamite, chrysoprase, smoky quartz, zoisite

THINKING (improve) amazonite, tiger's eye

THOUGHT (clear) aquamarine, carnelian, celestite

THROAT (chakra opened) blue-lace agate

THROAT INFECTIONS amber, aqua-aura, aquamarine, beryl, blue-lace agate, larimar, blue topaz

THYMUS (strengthens) albite, aqua-aura, blue quartz

THYROID atacamite, galena, chrysoprase, morganite, blue tourmaline

TOLERANCE chrysoprase

TONIC - GENERAL garnet, peridot

TOOTHACHE aquamarine, malachite

TRAUMA aqua-aura, aventurine, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, rose quartz

ULCERS agate

VARICOSE VEINS yellow topaz




VITALITY (improving) agate, aventurine, bloodstone, orange calcite, diamond


VOCAL PROBLEMS chrysoprase



WILL POWER chrysoprase, rutilated quartz, tiger's eye

WISDOM jade, lapis lazuli, ruby, turquoise

WOUNDS carnelian

I have received numerous requests to include this listing of the individual gemstones which may be used in the treatment of a wide variety of illnesses and ailments (both physical and emotional)

Although, quite obviously, no guarantee of any permanent cure or even improvement can ever be given, there have been many occasions when the stones referred to in this text file have considerably helped to bring about a positive improvement in many different diseases and health conditions.

From my own personal experience - and in talking with hundreds of people who have successfully received healing from their gemstones - I have found that the most effective way to use any gemstone for healing purposes is to wear it as close to the skin as possible.

Some ladies like to 'hide' their gemstones within the deep inner recesses of their bras but the vast majority of people prefer to wear their chosen gemstone around their neck on a silver or gold plated chain.

Gemstones may, if so desired, be held in the hand whilst you are watching television or whilst you are reading a book or magazine. The healing energies of your chosen gemstone(s) will then gently be absorbed into your physical and mental body whilst you are relaxing.

You may also like to place your gemstone under your pillow at night whilst you are asleep; thus allowing the energies of the stone to gently penetrate your subtle body as you are in a deep state of sleep,

Certain gemstones can help you to develop your spiritual abilities and gifts.

Use an amethyst, for example, in developing your intuitive awareness; a lapis lazuli for acquiring wisdom and truth and a moonstone for obtaining humanitarian love and sensitivity. Use your gemstones wisely in the pursuit of all your ambitions and needs.

Be aware, however, that your gemstones can never become miracle workers!

They need your loving care and attention, your mental attunement with their unique properties and energies, before they are able to truly help you!

I have listed the illnesses, ailments etc. in alphabetical order. Against each heading are the suggested gemstones. Often, there are several gemstones suggested. In such cases, use your own personal intuition to decide which gemstone is the most appropriate one to use.

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