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 Repairing Your Wings


You might ask what are wings and why would they need repairing.  I have found that often when our body is out of alignment and feeling very heavy and dense one of the root causes is our wings.  During healing workshops I have noticed  that even when the chakras were properly aligned and spinning nicely many still carried a dense or tired energy.
Being a "flier" by nature I observed this heaviness sat within their arms from their shoulders down.  Like birds I refer to our extremities, our arms, as our wings.  I felt the persons heaviness was being caused by what I now call
hidden wings,
broken wings,
wings that just needed a good fluffing
By testing the lightness/heaviness of your wings is a great barometer to measure your inner well being.
Do not be surprised if when you are sick, lethargic ,tired or just feeling blue that your wings also are very heavy.
So now you might ask ; "How do I test my wings?"
Take a nice deep cleansing breath from the stomach.
You can do this either standing up or sitting down but be sure your arms have plenty of room to open fully without any obstructions.
Bring arms straight out to your side ,palms facing up.
Take another deep breath.
Stop and take note of how do your arms feel?
Another benefit to this position is that while your palms are facing up your hands,
like super energy receptors, are receiving nourishing energy (what I call manna from heaven).
How do I Lighten my heavy wings?
*** Several very simple movements will free up the denseness in your arms and shoulders.
To begin with simply allow your arms to fall by your side as dead weight. Deep Breathe
Visualize this heavy energy seeping down from your shoulders and neck ,
down through your arms,
gathering your hands
and whooshing out through your fingers
Deep breath as you push it all out.
Once the density is released shake your hands out.
Shake your arms out.
Roll your neck around back and forth as needed.
Once again catch a nice deep cleansing breath if you can.
If you have trouble catching a full breath don't worry. You will catch it at the right moment as needed.
Stretch your arms however guided to. Shake them out again.The shake can be vigorous or smooth and gentle.Follow your heart here.
You get the idea. Once all clearing shaking and stretching is completed give some quick snaps with your fingers. Or claps with your hand. This helps lock your newly created nourishing energy in.
Often people feel like washing their hands afterwards with a nice fragrant soap or using a scented cream.
If you notice a tingly feeling now in your arms and or all over this is your open energy or prana you are feeling. What some refer to as Chi.
Wishing You Many Happy Healthy Flights. 
***(I must take a moment first to note that often heavy shoulders are a literal reflection of "carrying too much weight on your shoulders". You might need to go within and work on clearing out the baggage you have accumulated after all these years. This baggage often accumulates in both the solar plexus (particularly for men)
and the heart chakra (particularly for women. I will be writing more on clearing these chakras at a later date.)

© Rainspirite 2008


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