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If You Can Envision It~ Then You Can Create It!


"We are turning our dreams into our new reality"

Never before has there been a better time than now to manifest and create our dreams.

It is time to dream big!

There are many tools we use each day to help in bringing this about.

In fact that is pretty much what the Rainspirite sight is all about.

To offer you tools and support in helping you to discover and create your passions and joys .

How do we move them into our reality?

How do we go about living our lives in a more satisfying , rewarding and joyful way.

These are just a few of the questions a vision board can help you answer.

A vision board empowers you to take back control of your life and the choices you are making while creating it.

Vision Board

It's a lot of fun to gather a group of friends and family together and turn it into a family project.

Host a Vision Board party.

The more the merrier!

Remember to not limit your dreams in any way and keep them in the present not

"I hope for tomorrow".

For example if you paste a picture of money with a dollar amount, write next to it

"my financial blessings ARE Infinite "

Do not paste words such as I wish I had. Instead paste words saying thank you it is now mine.

Be sure to have a large table or floor space where everyone can get comfortable

and spread out magazines and supplies . My large ping pong table was perfect to host my party.

Ask your guests to bring a board and supplies. Some suggestions to get you started are outlined below.

You may want to light a scented candle , play some background music and perhaps say a prayer before getting started .

Remember these are your dreams and this is your life!

Again the most important thing of all is to have fun!



To start with you need a foundation for your vision board .

This can be either a large sheet of oak tag,

a foam board ,

or even a cork board so you can interchange your ideas hopes and aspirations

on a regular basis.


lots of magazines

print out meaningful words that you cannot find in a magazine

crayons, paints, glitter - things to bring color to your board


glue or tacks depending on what you are using for your base

natural objects such as feathers, dried flowers, seeds

beads , fabric

Let your imagination go wild

Just for today !

share your experience with us

we'd love to hear from you!

email me at


from Betsie
Hey Rain, I'm getting things together for my class on Saturday.  I had an idea and thought I would share it with you.  You might already be doing this but I thought I would take the Vision Board and coordinate it with the Bagua Map in Feng Shui - placing all the things in that order.
Wealthy and Prosperity goes in the upper left corner
Love and Marriage in the upper right cornder
Knowledge and Self-Cultivation in the lower left
Helpful people and Travel in the lower right
Career in the bottom center
Fame and Reputation in the upper center
etc etc
I don't know, I keep being told to do this - I think it will make the Vision Board even more powerful

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