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 What Is a Soul Relation



What are the different types of Soul Connections?


 The Soul Group ~Soul Family ~ Soul Relations

In Native American cultures you will often hear the term " for all my relations". This term extends well beyond the meaning of immediate family, immediate tribe and yes even beyond the immediate human family.

Soul Relations can be either a large or small sized group of souls that has frequently chosen to travel together for two or more past lives.

Most here in this life have been reborn many many times around (called old souls) and have come together and reconnected once again during this very special lifetime.

Often people will refer to the soul relation group as one's soul or spirit family. These spiritual bonds and ties to one another are much stronger than most people realize.

We choose the souls we wish to travel with in this life based upon past life experiences we have shared together.

So for example if two people were " mother and daughter " in a past life relationship, they might have chosen to continue  to be together in this life but in a totally different type of relationship. In this life they may have chosen instead to be best freinds or even husband and wife. In this life they may have chosen to experience something brand new together.

As you can also see we frequently change sexes in each life as well as the roles we will play in them. (***1)

The reasons for souls agreeing to travel together in differnt ways is as varied as their relationships to one another is in eachlifetime connection.

The following is a basic guideline  of reasons we choose as a  spirit  to  continue travels and connections with one another;

1- We reconnect in future lives to help teach and support one another in learning lifes earth lessons. These lessons help us to grow and evolve . These are the important lessons that lead us and guide us on lifes' journey of self search. ; in finding our true self.

Who am I and what am I here for. Often our best teachers are those that have "victimized"us or mistreated us in some way or fashion. Hard to believe that this might be done out of a previous agreement or committment to one another hey.

Yep, good chance that your abusive X is a past soul relation that graciously agreed to play his/her role in this life in order for you to find your inner strengths and freedoms.   

2- We support one another to try new experiences. We help each other to feel new emotions and feelings that cannot be felt as a spirit.

 So for example, in a past life as husband and wife one soul chose to experience love fully while the other chose to experience the emotion of fear. This may lead to betrayal in that relationship and/or death and loss of a loved one.

Often roles are reversed in future lives together so that the other soul also gets to experience the "opposite emotion" they chose to feel  in their previous life together. 

The key here is in understanding that the soul is reborn in order to experience new and varied human emotions, feelings and events that as a spirit we are not able to have.

One of the reasons people will have a past life regression done is to help them see what happened in a previous life which is currently effecting your emotions and/or relationships now. These emotions and feelings stay lodged within your heart chakra until they are cleansed and healed.

Now this leads us to what is commonly called The Soul Mate Connection.

This is the connection everyone wants to know about.

There are three types of Soul Mate connections. In addition to these three there are also   other dynamics.

I will be sharing future articles on two of these dynamics;

 The Twin Souls or Twin Flame Connection and

 Split Aparts. 

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