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 How DoesThe SoulMate Connection Work?


How do I know it is time for the soul mate connection?
What are some of the signs that is Time
What should be done in order for it to come together?
As a psychic reader that is supporting the union and reuniting of Soul Mates,
I have found that for most people the Soul Mate
connection comes together after
one has worked on several things within their own life.
Often this uniting is effortless once all  "life matters" 
are in place for it to happen.
This means that current marriages or relationships
that are based on lifes lessons (see Soul Mate I)
are coming to an end or have already ended.
How do you feel about yourself?
Do you feel deserving and worthy of being loved
and treated with love?
If you answered no
to either of those questions
than you need to get real with yourself and dig deep.
It is impossible for The Universe to support you
with anything you do not see nor believe in for yourself.
So if you do not feel worthy of great love
then quite simply
great love will Not be brought into your life. 
Also know you can try to fool yourself
but you cannot fool The Universe.
So if you say ,"yes yes yes I am deserving of only the best"
and yet you choose to  remain in , 
attract or continue to allow abusive non-loving partners
into your life
then you are only lying to yourself and will not receive the Soul Mate connection.
Read that one carefully as it is a biggy for many.
Write it down if you don't get it. Re-read it frequently.
Your angels will assist you with it and when the moment is "right"
a big lightbulb will go off.   ""    
Since a soul mate connection at the right time,
means a fulfilling and true love, it can only enter your life
when your arms are open to receiving this type of love only.
You need to have moved beyond the challenging abusive “life lessons” type of relationship.
Remember if you are not truly ready, then you will not receive it.
Are you “enough for you” or are you looking for someone else to complete you?
Although a soul mate connection feels perfect and complete it is important that each person is whole independently of one another. You are the cake. Your soul mate is the cherry on top of the cake. Not the other way around.
Are you already following your heart re your career direction?
Frequently angels advise someone to focus on their career paths first and then allow the soul mate connection to flow naturally together afterwards.
Have you worked on releasing the energy bonds and chains of financial struggles?
Have you completed the process?
I have found that in approximately 80% of my clients these things need to be in place before the Soul Mate Connection is achieved.
The Universe is often already working to reunite Soul Mates unbeknownst to them.
People will say to me;
"I feel as something is about to happen but I don’t know what it is."
"Or it’s so close I can almost touch it. It seems to be just outside of my arms reach."
If it is with someone you already know you might feel this person is around you 24/7 and feel as if you are losing your mind. There is often a great sense of frustration here as you try to ignore the calling.
So what is the calling?
                                                            The Calling
I have coined a phrase taught to me by my Angels. It’s called “The Calling”.
Once we have completed many of life’s lessons. Once we have completed working through various processes and have come to quiet place within ourselves, we then will find ourselves standing at the doorway to the soul mate connection.
It is here at the thresh hold of this doorway that your journey to reuniting with your soul mate begins.
This journey begins with a prayer. That’s simple enough to understand. But here’s where it gets a bit crazy. Believe it or not in that very instant, that very moment, that you are sending your prayer out to God or the Universe, so too is your soul mate. Not only are you both sending it out at the exact same moment of time, but you are both requesting very similar things in your prayer.
Once the prayer is given to The Universe it is now in The Universes hands to bring these two messages together and work on the process of then bringing the two physical beings   together. A pretty tall order if you ask me. So you can see The Universe really has its work cut out for it. And it does a truly amazing job of doing it as well. It is then, in that very moment of your whispered prayer that the soul mate reuniting begins.
So we see that the prayer is the spark that ignites the fire of passion that turns the wheel in motion which sets off a series of some very strange and bizarre events. All for the soul purpose in reuniting two soul mates. What an amazingly wonderful world in which we live .

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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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