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 What is A SoulMate Part II



Soul Mate II ~ A Life Long Connection


While This next Soul Mate connection is a beautiful one

filled with much love and respect .


In this connection both people are strongly attracted to one another.

There is a heartfelt connection of feeling as if you have  "known this person all your life."

That is because in all likelihood you have in fact traveled together in several past lives. 

You do know each other both  inside and out.

You will find in this relationship that you both have a  lot  in common .

You really enjoy being with one another.

In this connection you feel very comfortable

and at ease with one another.


The Soul Mate II is in fact a life long connection.

It is a strong, powerful and true connection that vibrates through the heart chakra.


Many people in this relationship do in fact get married.

Unlike Soul Mate Connection I there is no concern here of betrayal, abuse, lying etc.

Although soulconnections always teach ,support and

guide one another,this connection is no longer a school

of hardknox. You might help one another

continue to clear outlingering doubts and insecurities and fears.


This relationship is based on truth and caring about and for one another.

It is fairly well balanced with a mutual give and take

rather than one person doing all the giving while the other does all the taking.

In short you are here to help ,support and guide one another as an equal .


Should you choose to separate and not get married

nor remain in a long term relationship together,

 you will continue to "coincidentally" run into one another

through-out your lifetime here since as we said previously,

this is a lifetime connection.

While this is a wonderful connection from the heart

there is just one small difference between this soul mate Connection 

and our last connection Soul Mate III.


Although Soul Mate II is filled with much love and joy

for one person in this relationship

there is a little something missing that they

just cannot put their finger on.


Soul Mate III

Thee Soul Mate

Soul Mate III has all the wonderful attributes listed above in Soul Mate II .

It is an honest and very strong connection from the heart.

It does not have room for betrayal and games nor any type of abuse.

It is a relationship that not only feels good and complete within you as well as outside of you

but it is also guided and lived through caring and respect for one another.

It is both full filling in the relationship as each partner is filled and complete within themselves. 


The only difference between Soul Mate II  The Lifelong Connection

and Soul Mate III Thee soul mate is this;

In the Soul Mate II Connection ,sometimes in as much as we love one another and feel a strong connection to one another, there is a tiny something missing for one of the partners that he/she cannot put their finger on. Although it is still a wonderful connection , this tiny "lack of" can leave one with a sense of  the relationship still somehow feeling incomplete.


"Thee Soul Mate Connection or Soul Mate III,  does not have this tiny something missing.

It is totally complete and whole within its love.

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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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