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 Experiencing a Labyrinth



"Sacred sites are practical places where the energy between the physical and spiritual intermingles."

This was said by  Marty Cain, the woman who introduced me to labyrinths and sacred space.

Anyone can use a tape measure and reproduce a labyrinth-looking structure, but that is not a true labyrinth.  A labyrinth, as depicted in this article, is a sacred space which stimulates instructional, meditative, and healing qualities.  Walking a sacred space labyrinth clears the mind and imparts insight into ones life's journey.


Unicursal or single path labyrinths have been an integral part of many prehistoric cultures, such as Crete, Egypt, Europe, North America, etc.  Although the term labyrinth is often used interchangeably with the word maze, the labyrinth being discussed here is not a maze.  Some suggest that a maze may have been designed as traps for malevolent spirits.  A labyrinth is a single, narrow path that pulses from the outer to a center, and back.  The labyrinth can be used as a ritual dance tool which calms the senses and brings clarity to our life's path and relationship with duality. Walking a sacred space labyrinth reveals a pattern of our sacred inner dance. 




Although we can recognize a potential sacred space to create a labyrinth through our intuitive faculties, a good way to get started is by using dowsing rods (L-rods).  Ask or intend a question and the rods facilitate the answer as extensions of our vibrational interaction with nature.  First we ask to locate the center of a sacred space (where the physical can easily intermingle with the spiritual).  Follow the rods until they cross.  My youngest son and I once followed the dowsing rods 6 miles to locate a labyrinth site near Black Pine lake in the Northern Cascades.


When the center is identified, mark it and then locate the entrance.  When the entrance is found by following the rods with intent until they cross, mark it and return to the center.  In a cross-like fashion, dowse from the center outward (four directions), identifying the circuits of energy which will be the paths upon which the sacred dance will be walked.  Remember, the paths of a sacred labyrinth are organic; they follow an energy pathway, not our predisposed ideas.  Thus, the labyrinths shape may not be uniform, but instead the paths may bulge or thin. 


Using string or stakes, get a good outline of your circuits with the dowsing rods.  Then, from either the entrance or center, walk the path with the rods to identify the turns.  Remember, that forming a labyrinth is a co-creative process with nature.  Don't put your predispositions on the nature of the flow, and your labyrinth will be as a sacred tool that encourages shamatha, or calm abiding, through which ease dissolves dis-ease, which if left to grow, manifests disease.



A Labyrinth Story, from the book Full Spectrum Consciousness



My initiation into sacred architecture and forming frequencies occurred in a heavily wooded area in Yogaville, Virginia, known locally as Liberty Springs. While meditating one day under the oldest tree in that bio-zone, the land spoke to me, not in words, but in a language of frequency, which I understood emotionally. The land desired me to re-form the space I was meditating in, and everything that was needed would be revealed as it was needed. All I had to do was to trust in love.

The site that I was stimulated to co-create was to be a labyrinth. The process took one lunar cycle, during which I barely did any thinking. Divided thinking is a barrier to love, and I was certainly in love’s ecstatic embrace. With some friends, I cleared a circular area, eighteen meters in diameter, of brush, exposing a natural perimeter of large oaks, fir, and pine. Within this space was to be the labyrinth, a narrow, unobstructed, purposeful circuitous path, often considered a metaphor for the spiritual journey to our zero point and back. Unlike a maze, which is a confusing network of paths, a labyrinth is a meandering passage in which one cannot go astray.

Under a Virgo full moon, we set fire to the brush that we had piled in the center. We sang songs to the rhythm of guitar and drums, as translucent fairy-like phantasmagoria danced and played on the lower branches of the evergreens in the flickering light. Ever since then, Liberty Springs has had an aura of magick about it, and in the following months, wild lady-slippers, arisaemas, and other unusual flowers sprouted around the labyrinth.

Within days, an entrance and center were dowsed, and the circular space was covered with a fabric weed barrier, except for a two-meter-diameter circle in the center. Then, after metamorphic rocks were assembled around the circumference, we poured eighteen tons of cyanite sand on top of the fabric, making a one-third meter thick blanket of sand.

Underneath, where the cyanite sand would cover the two-meter diameter center of the labyrinth, I was told through the frequencies of the land to build a quartz bed in the shape of a parabolic bowl, the contour of satellite dishes. We acquired this quartz locally. In the center of that parabolic bowl, clear, piezoelectric crystal quartz was to be placed. I decided to use a pendulum to locate where this crystal would come from. So using sciential thought, instead of sapiential gnowing, I began with a map of Arkansas because that is where, I thought, high-quality crystal quartz comes from. However, I got no indications that this was the place where I would find the right crystal quartz. Next I got out a map of Brazil, but I had no portents about Brazil either. I gave up and went to bed. When I awoke, I felt urged to swing my pendulum over a map of Virginia, and there it was, a point in the Shenandoah Mountains to the west. I tramped with my friends Judith and Moraya fifty-four miles from Liberty Springs as the crow flies up a mountain in the Washington National Forest on a rainy, mid-March spring day. Using a topography map, we found the area that I had dowsed. On the surface of the ground, partly concealed in the grass and dirt, were numerous quartz crystals with splendid commercial-quality terminations. However, although we were equipped with large canvas sacks, we took only three fist-sized pieces. We took only the ones that seemed to want to come with us. They weren’t nearly enough for the labyrinth’s quartz center.

The next morning, fresh out of bed, I intuitively grabbed a drawing compass and a map of Virginia. Stretching the compass from the labyrinth to where we had gathered the quartz on the previous day, I drew a circle from that radius. Along the circle, I then plotted six locations, in sixty-degree increments from the point in the Shenandoah site where we had found the quartz. Then, using this map, we went to each of these five additional points for quartz. I’m amazed now that my companions didn’t think that I was nuts. This is even more astonishing considering that I was not then aware of the nature of quartz, that is, that quartz is predominantly centripetal or inward in its biodynamic expression. Centripetal material has an axial-motioned, generative, converging force that attracts frequency to itself, not a radiating, diverging force that radiates centrifugally or outward. This will become clearer in the next few paragraphs.

As the crystal-gathering excursion was underway, which astoundingly provided exquisite quartz from each location, I was also importing 270 pounds of charged crystal calcite from Gary Skillen’s Ecological Solutions. The calcite was for the perimeter, whose centrifugal, yin dynamics are radiative; calcite spirals frequency outward. Gary uses it for loosening compacted soil. However, I still wasn’t fully aware of how all the pieces would fit.

On the day when we gathered the last of the quartz, we were given two additional pieces for the center, which were buried directly under the quartz provided from the six locations fifty-four miles around the labyrinth. The two final pieces were like a nipple protruding into the earth from the convex side of the parabolic surface. One of the pieces was a ten-kilo clear crystal, about twenty by sixty centimeters that had come from Brazil. The other was a smaller crystal from India, which we placed on top of the larger one, as connected to the larger one. Sri Swami Satchidananda, whose ashram was a few hundred yards up the road, stopped by the labyrinth at this final stage and gave an approving smile. As I was not one of his devotees, our connection was not one of teacher–student. Actually, most of our dialogue while I lived there was about composting. During my year in that locale, I would regularly collect the ashram’s discarded organic material to compost for the Liberty Springs garden.

On the evening of April 3, 1996, there was drumming, dancing, and celebrating at Liberty Springs. When earth’s shadow began to appear on the Libra moon, the labyrinth was activated. Sacred spaces are activated by placing the final pieces, in this case a particular stone and the calcite crystal, at a specific time. Imagine for a moment that you were to add an electrical outlet in your home. First, you put in the new receptacle; then, with the power off, you connect the new outlet. Esoteric teachings suggest that during eclipses, the earth’s subtle geometric membrane shrinks, as if turning off or lowering its electricity. Sacred architectural projects of old, such as temples, were said to be purposefully left unfinished until an eclipse, when they were then connected to the earth’s geometry, thus coming online within the planetary grid as the eclipse ended.  (I’ve pondered whether the escape velocity for spacecraft would be reduced at eclipses).

Still unknown to me at the time was that the labyrinth had become more than a cute metaphoric pattern whose circuits or paths were defined with black, metamorphic rock, in the Virginia woods. The activation initiated a subtle generator for a 172-kilometer diameter toroidal dome, cradled upon what are called earth’s geometric ley lines, the natural energy lines upon which many ancient structures appear interconnected. A toroidal dome is a term derived from the word torus. On a quanta level, a torus is a self-organizing, donut-shaped particle or quantum of uncompressed light. When a torus’s spiral-out force is reversed and then spirals in, it subsequently closes the hole through compression and becomes a sphere. The sphere then multiplies and divides into more complex forms (which is illustrated in the books Matrix drawings). 

From my observations, what took place was that as the calcite effected a spiral-out, discharging force around the perimeter, whereas the quartz was manifesting a spiral-in, converging force in the center. This generation seemed as if strong enough for the quartz buried in the center to draw to itself, as an inductive mineral, its piezoelectric memory from the six sixty-degree locations it came from, thus spawning an anomaly within the local electrodynamic field.

Walking into the labyrinth brought about an instant relaxation that got deeper and deeper as one pulsed in and out towards its zero point. Entering the center, one could sense a gravity shift, similar to stepping into something heavy, a feeling that pushed most participants to sit for a moment before venturing back out upon the path. Then, only minutes after totality, as we were concluding our play, an F-16 Air Force jet, no more than a few hundred meters above us, hovered through three tight circles over the labyrinth. The plane was so close that we could clearly see the silhouette of the pilot in the cockpit from the moonlight. None of us had ever seen a military aircraft in the area before, let alone one that was checking something out. Our concern over this event became borderline paranoia even before the jet headed off towards Washington, DC, leaving us with thoughts of the military showing up at any minute. No military personnel arrived to our knowledge, however. Nevertheless, in the morning, I disconnected the labyrinth’s ability to extend outside the area before taking a trip to the beach for a few days.

Since then, I have co-constructed several labyrinths in the U.S., Mexico, and Belize. Each has an interesting story. One of these labyrinths came together near a place called Black Pine Lake in Washington State. My son Val and I put this one together for an Aries lunar eclipse in a national forest located in what is geological known as the North Cascade Subcontinent. This is an ancient landmass that traveled up from the Pacific and docked along the Okanogan Trench in Washington and British Columbia about fifty thousand years ago. It is interesting that this same land area has the most frequent reports of unusual phenomenon. As for the labyrinth gathering and eclipse, it was a ecstatic evening for most participants. Along with some forty wiccans and other spiritually minded celebrants, we watched the moon rise in the east from below us, as if cradled within the frame of the elevated boxed canyon that held the sacred path. As the moon reached eye level, the earth’s shadow began its trek across the moon’s surface as we drummed, danced, and celebrated nature and our beingness.

Awareness of sacred space and architecture is part of the process of awakening our full-spectrum consciousness. Our character and the degree of our spiritual awareness are revealed through our level of understanding art and architecture. They are outward expressions of our inner experiences. In the United States, for the most part, our outward expressions through art, structures, and spaces are not designed for health, harmony, prosperity, or spiritual consciousness. Most construction activity arises from individual ego and profit considerations. We forsake the use of angles, lengths, golden proportions, and colors that not only create beauty and balance, but also that encourage well-being. Our architecture has succumbed to formaldehyde-based paneling, wallboard, and siding, within cost-orientated standardized construction. We enclose pipes, wires, and cables around us in ways that are discordant to human health and interrupt the flow from Ki/chi. In addition, the inadequate energy flow and circulation are further stymied through clutter, unproductive vibrations, and engrams - emotional memory traces whose vibrations consistently reactivate various conditions.

We could have wellness facilities consciously designed with healthy frequencies that expand our possibilities, but we don’t. We could have clinics for lung patients using 71/35.5 degree angles, 23.288” lengths, which are said to be harmonics of correctly functioning lungs. These facilities could be designed with color and sound that also resonate with the frequency of healthy lungs, thus supplementing pharmaceutical and surgery-based medicine. Overall, vibrational healing and wellness methods would not only contribute significantly to lowering medical costs, but also encourage people to be involved in the design of their own health through understanding how energy circulates. Dis-ease is a product of poor circulation. Dis-ease leads to disease.

JV Marco



JV Marco



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