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 Creating an Altar



What is an altar and how can I create one?

An altar is a special sacred space you create using symbols and things that are meaningful to you.

It can be created on a small table in any room of your home. For those in small apartments , window sills offer a perfect space to create one. It can be as large or as small as you wish in order to meet your needs.

Try to create your altar in a place where there is an open and clear energy. Also be sure it is an area that you will have access to sit and meditate near should you choose. Your altar shoul be pleasing to all your senses. Remeber , it will be releasing wonderful energies to your home , so be sure to keep it clean and dust free. This is especially important if you are going to have several types of crystals on your altar. This helps to keep the crystals energized and cleared. Clean and clear crystals will allow them to provide a smooth energy flow to you home.

One of the purposes of creating an altar is to provide you with a personal space.This space will support you on your new journey to find the sacred union with yourself, your planet and a higher power; whatever your belief system may be. It should be a place you can retreat to at any given moment in which you can commune within ; providing you with a delicious sense of peace of body, mind and soul.

So keeping this in mind and heart, lovingly gather those things that symbolize your beliefs, represent your passions and encourage your dreams. Your altar will be your private sanctuary to create what you wish and what you choose on this new path of your life.

Many people keep candles , incense and small prayer books available for prayer each morning and evening. In this way you can start and end each day in a state of calm, grace and well being being.

Give thanks and allow the Universe to bestow you with gifts of inner joy and abundance .

A low table or bench works well as and altar. This allows you to sit beside it in prayer or meditation. Some choose to toss a silky runner or special scarf to protect both your table as well as your chosen objects. This too can add color and a new dimension to your altar.

You might want to start with just a few things at a time. Alternate and change them as you too change within. The less items on your alter the more clear energy and space is allowed to flow through it. This can often be a real challenge as we find and come across so many small tokens of love beckoning to be part of our altar.

You also might want to consider using a low chest with draws to keep precious objects inside to be used at a future date when the mood strikes..

Here is a list of some things you might consider for your altar to get started. Remember to use things you love. There are no right or wrong items, only things that bring you joy. Most of all enjoy creating it. Things created out of love , always give love back in return.

Here are some suggestions;

photos of yourself or loved ones

objects reflecting love


butterfly pictures



symbols of saints


Egyptian statues

kachina dolls


Nature has an abundance of gifts to offer for your alter;

flowers both fresh or dried

a feather or shell found on beach

an interesting twig


seed pod

dried lavender for scent

don't forget the candles

different colors sizes and textures

Let the creative playful child inside go wild and set your imagination free!

drop us aline and a picture of your sacred space and altar


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