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 Creating a Fairy Garden


Fairies and gardens have always gone hand in hand for me.
From the very beginning, as a young child spending time out in the garden.
I have very vivid memories as a 2 and 3 yr old being in my mothers country vegetable garden.
She wanted to keep me in because of the rattle snakes (this was western Kansas)
and huge bumble bees, but those were her fears, not my own.
 I loved the smell of the earth and the cool air under the bigger plants.
These calmed me, filled me with a sense of peace.
the intricate details of the plants,the soil, and the insect life fed my curiosity,
and ignited my natural artistic nature.
It was here I had my first experiences with the realm of fairy.
Later as I grew, we moved to town, and it was the cottage garden of 'My Maggie'
where I'd meet up with the fairies, and spend hours enjoying the garden space.
'My Maggie' had an amazing garden, and later at more mature age,
I realized just how amazing it actually was.
The oasis she created in the parched dry soil of western Kansas,
was nothing short of a miracle.
All around her little craftsman style cottage there was something to see and smell and experience.
The arbors, the green picket fences, the meandering rock lined paths,
The huge lilac trees to climb into and to tuck down into the spaces at the root flares.
Just perfect for a young girl to listen to the fairies tell stories,and smell the earth.
'My Maggie" was a tiny older woman who took care of me.
She was wonderful...she took in ironing for folks in town, and she had rooms for rent.
Raised chickens and sold their eggs.
Out in the back garage she had an old model T, every spring,
my sister and I helped wash it and then one of her nephews would take us for a ride.
All of it was magical.... 'My Maggie' was magical.
I know now,it was her unconditional love, that she showered on me,
just being present ,one of the many things she taught me.
There was a garden just for cut flowers, a vegetable garden, roses,
there were small lawn areas, it was like coming into an open meadow, as you walked the flower lined paths.
Old Adirondack chairs to sit in, just wonderful, so peaceful.
the big flower pots on the front porch, it was all there.
In the back yard was a huge river rock fireplace,
where many a simple meal was prepared and enjoyed.
One of my favorite spots was the grape hyacinths,
and this was were I always caught a glimpse of the fairy.
So, fast forward to today....
many gardens later... some vegetable, some flower,all thoroughly enjoyed,
many different states and even over seas,
all home to the wee folk.
Many a full moon would find me placing small bowls of cream and butter out for the fairies.
Silly you say, well maybe, but I learned as child they like it.
My life has slowed it's pace .... I have learned again to be still,
something I new better as a child....but lost somewhere in all the busy years.
oh I still have some very hyper active moments,
I think my daughter,(my own little Maggie), calls them my "whirlwind moments".
Just the winds of change moving through me.
But most importantly I know when and how to be still
to take in all that is around me and really enjoy the experience.
I moved into my current home in 1999.
The energy on the north side of the house had a very toxic feel to it...
I didn't enjoy going over there, which was ok because at the time I was on the road allot.
All my working with other peoples earth spaces ,was a form of education,perhaps an initiation of sorts.
It was enjoyable and part of my path, but I started seeing a garden on the north side of my house...
being gone so much and working so hard ,didn't leave me with the time or energy to work in my own earth space,
which honestly made me sad,and although I knew what I was doing was very important work,
I also knew it's time would come to an end.
The ideas that came were pretty constant, as were the whisperings, that; 'I could do it, they'd help."
A couple of years ago,the time had come, my work shifted.
Last year I began working on my own earth space...the "shade garden" on the north side of the house.
the transformation and events have been amazing.
The financial cost has been minimal,
the labor,although very physical, was at times just where I needed to put some of my hyper activity,
but it was also very full of love...
and flowed so easy and effortlessly.
And the whispering of the fairies, all the ideas they shared....
It's all there in the garden, and the garden continues to grow....
I used  natural occurring rock for this area..the basalt....
I have avoided "the manicured garden", and although fairies love and nurture all growing things
manicured feels to tight & restricted for them.
they choose the flowing spaces,
they love the unique and unexpected
(honestly, so do I)
I have placed glittery objects... fairies love glitter and shine.
Little places for them to sit or light as the visit.
From time to time I get nudged to add something,
which some folks might find peculiar for a garden... but the fairies seem to enjoy it.
So how do you build a fairy garden...
be still, listen, watch...and then.....
you "love and believe it "into being
ask and they'll help you....
... we each have our own unique little & big stories...
it's fun to get to know yourself in new ways, to learn and grow and heal through energies
if you'd be interested in learning more, I offer sessions and classes
this is something to do in your own time ...
offered with the opportunity to e-mail and ask me questions.
so if your interested....
let me know
Molly Rice
my thoughts are with you as you continue to journey forward....remember if there happens to be puddles on you path of life.... take time to splash and play in them, and don't forget to make a mud pie now and then... and when the blossoms spring forth under your feet, stop to smell and enjoy.... feel the sunsets and the sunrises...taste the breeze...hear the song of the tweetie birds, and soar high on wings of love.... be present and conscious in each moment and feel it to the fullest.....let your light shine bright for all to see. and May you feel the peace that passes all our understandings.....
close your eyes at the end of each day with a contented sigh and open them each morn with joy in your heart....

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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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