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The Healing



Each of us holds one thing in common;

That thing is mother to child in no matter what form you carry it

It is part of who you are;

It has made you who you are






It has long been said the most complex of all relations

Is mother to child

Where does it begin?

Where does it end?

What majik does it hold for you?

What joy


What story does it hold for you?


In this time of healing we return to year of mother and child

In any form it takes

Or means for you


So today we call upon the mother

And today we call upon the child


And we beckon the tides of change

The change of mother and child in all its form

In all its beauty.

It is what is


And we say thank you

And offer alms of love

To the mother

To the child

To self

To them

To us

We offer love

We offer nourishment

We offer a hand .

And in the end we find

That hand has always been our own.


Happy Mother and Child Time

As one does not exist

Without the other.




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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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