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 Tarot Basics



The  Tarot cards are  tools used to assist  in deciphering your intuition and messages.

There is no right or wrong way to read Tarot.


The first step is finding a deck just "for you". Search local metaphysical stores or  on line to see what deck “calls to you”. Some of the larger bookstores such as Barnes and Noble, Books –A-Million also carry various Tarot decks.

 If are confused or not drawn to any one particular deck more than another a great starter deck is the Rider-Waite Tarot cards.


Once you choose and purchase your deck it is now time to become familiar with one another . Sleep with the deck under your pillow for several nights. (Don’t be surprised if you have strong and powerful dreams.) During dreamtime the tarot will share some of its secrets with you as well as you will be placing your energy and intent into the deck.


                                                                                        How to practice reading Tarot-


Reading Tarot is a very personal experience. Each card holds infinite interpretations. It is for this reason that I begin each class on learning Tarot by saying to throw the book out. The book is great to check yourself and your progress but books are written by “others” interpretations to the cards. As a reader you will be given your own meanings and messages to each card whether facing right side up or reversed. Let the cards “tell” you what they mean rather than a book.


To begin, focus on someone or do a reading for yourself .Focus on a question. Shuffle the cards and lay them out. (See the Celtic card spread below.)

Pick up the first card that catches your attention. Close your eyes and “feel” the card. Look at it and allow it to tell you its message to you. Breathe deeply and take in all the messages. Catch those fleeting thoughts.


At this point you might want to write down some of the information before you lose it.

Trust the thoughts/messages you are given. If you are doing a reading for someone else tell them all the messages ;even those that do not come in strong or you might think are crazy messages and do not make sense.  You do not have to understand what the messages mean. It is your job to pass them on.   


Always keep ego out. Know that these messages are coming from a higher source. Your “job” is to pas the message on. You are not responsible for what the person chooses to do with the information. If they block it out, or ignore it , that is their choice. Often you may see clearly what is “best” for  someone, but ultimately it is up to that person which path to take.


Play with the cards. Each card will develop a meaning for you. That meaning may vary with each person you read for. If you wish you might want to compare your interpretation of the card to the books interpretation.


Look at the card and examine it.

What do you feel?

What is the picture saying to you?

Run your hands over the cards.

What do you feel?

Stop over the cards that are sending you a certain energy or message.

What is it telling you?


                                                                                                       The Deck


The Tarot deck is usually divided into two main sections;

1The Minor Arcana

2-The Major Arcana


Beginners often find a great way to approach The Tarot cards is by working only with the Major Arcanca cards. Once you feel comfortable and a need to move beyond them you can start to explore and incorporate The Minor Arcana into your readings.


                                                                         A Quick synopsis of the Tarot cards


Cups- Love and Happiness

Pentacles-Finances and Career




Numbers 1-10 signifies stages or growth.

One is the beginning

Five is a half way point

Ten is completion


                                    Helpful points to remember as you embark upon this new journey-


Before beginning the reading take a moment to say a prayer asking for clarity and the highest good for all involved.


Do a reading for someone you do not know well at all. Trust your feelings and sensing.


Take deep breaths to hear your messages clearly.


Do Not force it. If nothing comes just let it go and move on. It is Not meant to be.


It might be helpful to have the person ask you a question. You may receive a message completely different than what the person asked you. Remember you are receiving these messages from a higher source so it is important to trust in them Just say what you feel even if it doesn’t make sense. I promise you it will make sense to the other person at some point.


Be aware in delivering a bad message. Simply by your words you are creating a negative thought out to the Universe. (e.g. a doctor tells a patient they will die in 6 months. The person through worry increases that negative energy. Result the person does in 6 months to the day.)


Information you share with another person about their past, present and future should be helpful and beneficial information.


Most of all always remember to enjoy the journey!

Happy Readings

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