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I find it interesting that The Angels call this article Success

Do not stay in a box as only financial success.

Success such as in joy and prosperity,

 hold true in all areas of our life.

Success would mean  accomplishing.

It might be financial disparity that brought you here,

but hopefully it will be so much more that you leave with.

deep breath

here we go!

The hardest part 
in the whole craziness of attaining succes
is in first discovering,
"what do I want to be when I grow up".
I need to say that although it appears this is addressing financial success
I recently had many of these principals brought forward regarding;
joy and
well please use it as tool for any type of success you wish to encounter and encompass your life.
Maybe even before asking the question of where do I go from here,
you might want to sit and spend some time with defining
"what does success mean to me? ".
I promise you will find many keys and blocks in that simple innocent question! 
As you evolve
so too will that question and new directions in your life.
To answer that question first one must ask and discover ;
1~ what do I love to do in life?
2~ what is my heart and soul and passion?
3~ What are my dreams ?
4~ What brings me joy ?
A true success story meets those visions in a complete circle.
Once you have an idea where you want to go
release it and allow how it happens to be guided in many ways by The Universe.
If you are too specific on how it will come about you will miss some crazy turns and blessings the Universe has laid before your feet.
Here are the 5 keys to be successful in walking your path .
1~ Make your priority list. The first thing on your time management priority list should be you!
The second thing on your list should be what you have chosen to do, sell, become offer to our world.
If you say it is a priority and each day it is the last thing you  get to after all your other obligations
You are then sending TheUniverse a mixed message.
You may "call it a priority" but do you treat it as such or is it the last action you take each day.
So here you might ask how do I treat my priorities?
Is it just a word or do I reflect it in my day~to~day living example?
Pay very close attention to that one. We are all guilty here :)
2~You must believe in yourself. There are many things involved with this such as giving your service away or underselling undercharging it. This shows a lack of belief in yourself. Please do not confuse this with offering your service to someone in need .That is totally different.It is very simple, if you do not believe in you. If you do not feel worthy of charging a reasonable amount for your goods and service The Universe will oblige you and follow your belief. It will bring you people that are not sure in you and will haggle or bring even greater doubts to yourself and your abilities.
When you believe in you people that are searching for someone just like you will find you(at times in the most amazing ways I might add.)
3~ I~N~T~E~G~R~I~T~Y
You Must walk and contribute in integrity. If you shortchanging , scheming anything less than being fully authentic that will show up for you at every possible corner and turn. Some call it simply what goes around comes around. Its purpose is to support you in being your authentic self which is caring compassionate honest and truthful.
4~Stay focused! Once you set your priority look at it daily. Reevaluate. Take good notes. By remaining focused supports you in maintaining your new business, relationship whatever you choose as being your priority.
5~Be ever vigilant and consistent. The key is to remain true to your priority. Consistency shows a belief in what you are trying to accomplish.
Lots of deep breaths to keep your vision clear . Allow some time. Patience and trust in your self and the process is often required. If you feel defeated at times go back and try a new perspective a new direction. Often I see it takes about 1 years time , a full circle, to get here so have a back up supporting you in the meantime. When you balance two things keep your dream as a priority. Always make the time for your vision first.
Happy Sailing!
with love steph rain

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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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