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Use your credit wise~ly

There is a great website


that shows the top rated credit cards according to your needs.

I have to say a HUGE energy release is to;

clear your credit cards up!

and use them rather than them using you.

What do I mean by this ?

Well as crazy as it sounds the more you are struggling to pay your credit cards

the  worse your credit history

the higher rates you are going to pay.


1- make sure all payments, even if it's a minimal amount are made early

or on time.

Pay your card bills as you get them.

Extra abundance lift:

write thank you in the note space of your check.

After all aren't you grateful that you have the money to pay that bill

and that they graciously extended the funds to you?

If you said No to any part of that question

it offers YOU a great opportunity to look at You.

Now I came here to say something else. Something that dawned on me the other day.

I have a dream to travel. I am really good with my credit cards and such.

I recently applied for a travel card ;

one in which I get sky miles or cruise miles and build up points.

Most offer thousands of points for just signing up.

Some offer thousands for small balance transfers at a nominal fee.

I then realized if I pay my groceries and monthly living expenses with these cards

and then pay them off at the end of each month

in a very short time I will have enough points to take a free trip.

You must be disciplined and pay it right away to avoid large interest charges.

In the end this is such an easy way to take free trips and vacations

that many say they can never save enough to take.

Vacations and time for you are important soul healers  for you.

Red Hot Tip:

If you are being billed an annual fee for card

and you have good credit call them up and ask them to waive the fee.

Most companies will.


Red Hot Tip:

Rates that start at a lower variable amounts

are usually adjusted to a higher amount as time goes on.

Watch your rates!

As your rate increases call them up and say ,"I've been a good

customer can you reduce my rate". Often  they will.


Red Hot Tip:

Pay more to your higher interest cards.

Try to focus on one card at a time to get rid of it.


Red HotTip:

Take a reality check!

Denial only digs you deeper in the hole

Sit down and total all your cards for a reality check.

Most of us choose not to see it. Once you look at it in the eye

you will be better prepared to work with the  reality 

and make the changes you need to withinas well as

without you life.

The quicker you will once again be able to get

a real good nights sleep.


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