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Trials and Tribulations ~
Let's Do The Soul Mate Quake
As we wave good bye to the intense 8`8`8 doorways of August
we somehow know that this will be the time
of no turning back.
Of course we can never go back
but that we are now closing another chapter of our lives.
This doorway we now exit is a Biggie
to say the least.
One may be totally exhausted trying , not trying,
surrendering,praying,manifesting,unsuccessful creating;
In a nutshell the process.
The patriotic energies which opened July 4th
and closes on September 1st in The United States;
Rightfully called Labor Day.
Labor Day is a day to celebrate ones labors.
To celebrate the achievements one completed
and even aspired to.
So too is the case in the Soul Mate connection
as we enter September.
Either we are stumbling ,barely, into the doorway of September;
Perhaps you are rolling on the floor.
Anything just to get over the threshold of this new doorway.
For those quietly waltzing in in grace
we support you and applaud you.
We look to you and say thank you.
My eye and heart are upon you.
Maybe next time
Between eclipses, massive clearings of the heart chakra globally
and still yet so many reawakening
and igniting their fire of prana,
take a moment to pat your self on the back.
Here is what you HAVE accomplished.
You managed to breathe through the changes,
doubts and shattering earthquakes
meant to turn you upside down
and shake you up and out a bit.
Just a bit the angels say. :)
deep breath
You managed to still focus ON YOU
even when it was the last thing you felt like doing.
Like being force fed.
You allowed yourself to feel whatever came up.
Whatever came out.
You breathed deep and scrambled back
finding your place on The Twister Board.
Remember that game?
Once found you either stood strongly in it
or sat quietly weeping.
It's all good.
But most of all you survived.
And wait you even went a glimmer beyond survived this time.
You stood up shook yourself off and said
"Hey I'm OK."
" In fact I think I am better than just OK. "
"I think I'm pretty darn good."
deep breath
No you are not crazy.
Yes you are worthy.
All these many thoughts emotions
shaken into one sweet nectar to drink from;
"And We Call it Life"
and in the end  we rested
looked at the good works and said
"IT IS Good"
I will end here with one of my favorite weekly
messages given to me by my angels a few weeks ago.
(By the way many of you ask if I write these.
Yes I do write them.
Usually two minutes after I think
"well I guess there won't be any messages this week from the angels" :)
They do not come from me .
They are Divinely given .
That's why they are so good
and touch and scare so many 
at one given moment just at the right time. )
It is said that our
Trials and Tribulations of life
are our greatest teachers.
It is in the Trials and Tribulations
that our true self can be found.
All the good stuff we are really made of .
It is by walking through them
that we discover
Our life's purpose
and Our life's mission.
Keep walking forward
Focus straight ahead.
© Rainspirite 2008
Share it with love

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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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