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 Stillness Inside The Mad Hatters Worm Hole of Love


June June what can we say about June?
Does it feel like you have fallen into the The Mad Hatters wormhole? In many ways the soul mate connection has pretty much done that this month of June.
The disconnect which began in May feels to be like solitary confinement in June.
It's a quiet dark place.
What most do not realize that like the dark cave, the quiet wormhole too is a great place to be. It is being in this place that one returns to focusing on self.
"Self " ` is Junes Soul Mate message.
It is a time to be still. To quiet the mind and even yes slow the spinning of the heart chakra of love.
This again brings a fuller more complete awareness of you and who you are and what you came here to do.
All too often our focus on our soul mates takes us away or keeps us stuck in moving forward in what YOU came here to do.
As you begin to have trust in The Universe
 as well as trust in yourself
you will naturally flow into the beauty of Divine Plan .
The good news is that that sharp detachment which took place in May whereby soul mates found it challenging to connect during dreamtime and etherically in the day ,
has now resumed communication and connection.
I hear you all saying Yay! :)
Please keep in mind so many of you are empaths and are actually healing the worlds pains and sorrows taking place globally now. This is natural as our communities outstretch our arms and hearts to one world one village.
We say thank you to the thousands upon thousands that have  cried at the drop of hat or allowed this empty space to free so much of this very heavy energy sitting upon Mother Earth. Bravo! Great job!
Again the intensity of the soul mate callings had to subside to allow you the space to contribute this loving service to your planetary tribes.
Here is the message as we bid farewell to the hot firey energy and spark of June
and welcome the warmth of the honey bees of July.
"Go get him "
Women please notice the messages is not Go get her.
(Him and her are used as an energy signature not physical description ).
The Angelic Kingdom asked that I make that very clear and so I have :)
© Rainspirite 2008
Share it with love
"Make a Difference in Our World and always be gentle with self while doing so "

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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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