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 Soul mate Energy Alert



Warning Warning Warning is the sound

as The May Bells Tolle For Thee

May Soul Mate Energy Alert
It began during planetary lineups early in May, May 5th and will continue on easily through out this month.
Often we to do not see nor communicate with our soul mates and twin flames on the physical plane. However while many soul mates do not connect physically one of the strong elements that normally drives soul mates crazy is the huge spiritual connection they maintain with one another. Soulmates are in constant connection with one another because  they are strongly connected heart to heart.
Often what one soul mate is feeling emotionally and energetically is being felt also by the other person as well.
As soul mates we are connecting constantly during dream time when all our guards are down.
During the day your soul mate might be the last thing on your mind or you are working full time to avoid thinking about that person. Suddenly 15-20 minutes pass and you have been "talking" to that person "in your mind" ( it is really through your heart) all that time. As a soul mate reader I explain "you are not crazy" .
You actually really were speaking to one another.
As a spiritualist, etheric communications are as real if not more so than physically communicating in the flesh.
The very odd thing I have noticed consistently this month which I have never seen before is that the etheric communications and connections seem to have come to a dead halt. This really blows my mind . Because of this abrupt disconnect people are feeling as if they are being left out to dry in the winds. There are no straws to grab at.
There is a silence they have never felt before . One of being completely alone, solitary. And you guessed it people are scared to death. Deep rooted issues of abandonment and vulnerabilities are flying from the core of the heart chakra to the tip of the crown.
Use this as any other opportunity to clear many of those hidden/unspoken fears and insecurities.
Take this moment as an opportunity to step fully into the wholeness of your self. Recognize that your partner is your cherry and it is YOU that it is the cake.
I believe that in the confusion of highly sparked prana energies supporting to bring the soul mate connections together at such an incredibly rapid rate many are holding tightly to the security rope of he/she is my other half. This concept leaves you with the illusion that you are somehow less than;
an illusion that you yourself and you are not already complete and whole unto yourself.
Remember that although we meld and blend and compliment and expand one another in so many ways and on so many levels we must never lose sight of our own unique wholeness/completeness that is the foundation of who we are.
Remember to enjoy the ride in all its glory
and never forget to please be gentle with self.
Blessings of love steph rain
© Rainspirite 2008

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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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