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The Socioeconomic Liberation of mankind -Evolution
This prediction for 2008 is not only revolutionary in its full understanding ,
but more importantly it is evolutionary in its massive scope of complete and total change
of traditional medicines ,
healings and unequal distribution of wealth.
This new systamtic structure of synergy will change not only the way we feel and age
but will also create a totally new way of being and co-creating as a hu-man.
It sets forth not only a whole new set of dynamics on how mankind will now lovingly 
almost effortlessly care for oneself
but will now also reflect our deeply rooted desire to  care for one another as a whole as well.
This new vision now seen by many is housed within the  new 13 realms .
The first of which is the realm or house of compassion.
Sitting nested within the house of compassion gives rise to Universal  kindness 
whereby one now cares easily and consistantly for one another as part of the Whole.
Here is the new infra-structure of the sociapathic, economic corporate breakdown
of the current crumbling foundations of mankind and how this process will begin.
It begins with a simple outstretch of a hand ,
reaching and touching another.
This touching of one hand upon another is called 'The Laying on of Hands" Movement.
While during the summer of 2007 we experienced a global kundilini awakening
(see http://www.rainspirite.com/room.php?Room=9&Article=1 )
2008 will be a year where many will now readily see how easily one can heal themselves.
They will begin to play with working with energy and be open to feeling it as a true entity rather than a lot of unfounded woo woo stuff .
This will be a revelation of great planetary awakening.
No longer will people be looking for another pill to pop or solely relying on cures through invasive surgerys.
The emphasis will now be on preventative health and well being
rather than on cures pills and invasive procedures.  
This therefore begins the elimination process of medications and antiquated medical procedures.
This is how the revolution towards pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and the medical association will begin. It is through this new healing process and modality that major corporations will begin to break down. As always big business is based upon a need. As we begin to take better control of our lives and begin to become responsible for our own health and well being a new world around us will need to develop and alter and change to fit these new dynamics and philosophies. Corporations of huge unbalanced distributions of wealth and power will be forced into this new evolution of change based upon the new supply and demand of needs, or rather lack of the need.
What part can a corporation play in the role of a self sufficient self contained human kind. We will watch the very beginnings of this give birth late 2008.
Those that have been re-remembering all the tools and techniques kept for many years/lifetimes and lifelines as what we call medicine peoples and healers will now be the teachers for those newly awakening. The title now given is Practitioner.
It is the Practitioners responsibility to keep oneself fully nourished and in check and balance at all times.
It is The Practitioners responsibility to remain open and fluid for energies to flow through and out of.
It is The Practitioners responsibility to maintain a high level of integrity at all times.
It is the P responsibility to keep tools, techniques and procedures as simple and uncomplicated and uncluttered as possible. KIS is the motto of The Practitioner.
As a result people will more readily be open and available to the teachings and working and understandings of the clarity of energy and its major importance and role it will play.
This is not only a revolution of the physicality and mind and well being of the human body but is also one in which sets forth a clear path to a major uproot /upheaval (collapse) of our socioeconomic foundations and boundaries. In short we move way beyond moving out of the box, we now seek to extend all boundaries surrounding humankind. This will have a trickle down effect of monumental proportions that can not yet even be seen. It will touch upon every aspect surrounding mankind. No exceptions.
Focus is to be set upon body mind and soul and its inter connectedness not its disconnect.
For those Practitioners practicing these techniques and honing in on new tools (less tools) for many years and lifetimes this way of being has become the norm. So too will it in a societal manner in the next 5-10 year period.
Obama and Clinton will be the new outlet to begin bringing this evolution to the Western Worlds. In fact they are already working together as a team on these new ways and procedures unbeknownst to most.
Believe it or not in 2008 it will become commonplace for  Practitioners to walk up to someone ,
hold their hand to send them energy ,
lay their hand upon a heart or shoulder to clear give or easily and quickly trnsmit healing
and light .
These healings once hidden behind closed doors and used only when everything else failed in traditional medicine, will now be understood a bit more and certainly much more accepted and turned to as well as respected as an alternative means of cures.
this takes place in 2008 as many fully awaken to their spiritual and healing potentiality.
Be prepared for a time unseen like any other time ever experienced before.
Blessings of love Steph rainspirite
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are sealed
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