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 Who Are We ?



[10.5.2008] Transmission

Stepping  Out of The Spiritual Closet

Being Fully Present

Who Are We?

and she replied ;

The time has arrived to come fully present into the light
to declare in quiet grace who we are
where we come from
and why we are here now in this time and this space.

The  mustard seed has been fully planted
as we now turn to watering it,
giving it plenty of light
and nourishing it 

manna from the heavens above.

So many tired children of the light .

A new synergy

as we move towards The Promised Land.

The home born of The  Adam Kadmon;

that which has been called The garden of Eden.

T is one grand celebration.
So while one some chose the path 

in the very narrow vision of color,

 religion and

power of entitlement
no one  noticed who we are.

We are the Bodhisattva
the star seeds
the 144,000 of
the original 12 tribes
now formed as the grandmothers 13th tribe of wisdom
the masculine and feminine woven into one flame of spirit
one breath of life

We are the earth angels
the hollow bones of source
the many keepers
the ancient Ones
medicine peoples
beacons of light
all rolled into one

what you carry so to do we
from the beginning of time

Yet before the beginning of time

We unfold the keys
to the global akashic records
and beckon ,
wake up
it is time

The spark is lit
the fire is released

It travels through the breath of spirit
Is planted as the seed of time,

the mustard seed ,
now many

The voice of the many has been unleashed
It is the spoken word
It is Thee word
of the unspeakable name,

found in the space between names

The sound has been sung.
It reverberates throughout the expanse of time.
Roll up your sleeves as we dance into The Promised Lands.
Together as One.

© Rainspirite 2008

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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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