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  Who Are We ?  
  [10.5.2008] Transmission Stepping  Out of The Spiritual Closet Being Fully Present Who Are We? and she replied ; The time has arrived to come fully present into the light to declare in quiet grace who we are where we come from and why we....  
  Jump Into The Abyss  
  When you jump into the abyss only two things will happen 1-You will learn to fly 2-You will land on your feet so we welcome you to jump jump jump  I invite you to come jump with me. Don't forget to breathe !! Yahooooooo!      
  Transforming Corporations Into Cooperation  
  A new world requires new ways New thought forms styles new everything   so if you are looking to find your new purpose and to fullfill it You will take all you have been discovering these past 1-2-10-20-30 years of looking within of observing....  
  Healer Heal Thyself  
  The Socioeconomic Liberation of mankind -Evolution                                  ....  
  08/08/08 Transmission  

In symmetry with The Harmonic Convergence and

Harmonic Concordance

2008 will celebrate the doorway of The Harmonic Accord

and Accordance

  Grassroots Revolution/Evolution  
  While  many have quietly created massive changes on a peace filled grass roots level, never before in the history of time has one ever been felt ever been proceeded and preceded as the one we are in the midst of right now. It is a revolution/evolution....  
  Guiding Words  
  SUPERFLUOUS       Each year my Angels gift a word or words of wisdom for the coming year   This year is Superfluous     Superfluous resonates to the tune of being more than enough; Having more than enough.  It....  
  Who Am I ?  


You are an Earth Angel

You came to Make a Difference on Our Planet




  Planetary Kundilini Rising  
  As we are hearing everywhere people are really feeling something powerful is happening. Although we have said it a million times before in millions of channels over and over..... I like the way Mark Krueger once put it The Shift has Hit the fan....  
  Isis Rising - The Rapture [2007.06.22]  
  Welcome To The Dawn of Isis Rising- The rapture During the Sizzling Summer Solstice amongst many things, I sensed a dance of innocent children around a Maypole tree. The dance was in a field of daisies. The energies of this Maypole tree in....  
  The Boundless Heart  
      The Heart-  a place of solace where love knows no bounds   In this time and space This progression of multitude awakenings sparked by the fire of lfe inflamed by the prana of spirit and carried through the sonic....  
  Out of The Box  
  June 28 Get Out Of The Box If you only see 4 corners You will be cat chasing its tail. Always looking for the fulcrum, The center. What if The Fulcrum is outside of the box? Outside of the 4 corners? Climb on out. You'll be glad you did....  
  The Unfoldment  
  Life is like a beautiful flower Unfolding Each petal is an experience of the journey.   If your life is this flower how do you care for it ? Do you water your flower often? Do you give it lots of sun and fresh air. Mostly Do....  
  For Those That Have Ears to Hear  

Take Chances

Take Risks

Hold your nose and take a dive head first

into the dark abyss

you either will land on your feet

 or you will learn to fly.

Take a Giant Leap In Faith!

  What If..............................  
  but what if you are all that there is . what if every great idea every great creation is the seed inside of you. what if this seed has been dormant quietly planted within your womb waiting patiently waiting for you its creator to....  
  Jealousy is An Opportunity  
  TO GET REAL WITH YOU! Have you found your self in a space, when a friend or loved one is filled with joy or has received  a blessing in their life and deep inside instead of feeling great joy FOR them instead you feel jealous or lacking....  
  Shattered Mirrors  
  In the end after battling stating speaking ones peace say one thing, meaning another in the end you will squint and open your eyes to clear the fog and you can see there was no one else there at all it was never a mirror in the first place....  
  Change Your Life  
  While 2008 called to LIVE YOUR LIFE FIERCELY 2009 calls to;   LIVE YOUR LIFE PASSIONATELY ******************************** 2009 IS THE YEAR OF MOTHER AND CHILD   ******************************* Here is a small list of ways....  
  2012 Evolution Revolution  
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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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