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 How Can I Find My Purpose?



I often am asked similar questions in  a reading.

While each persons journey is unique and different there are also

some strong similarities.

Along with these similarities are shared tools that really work great!

Wishing you joy on your journey!

Here we go;

How can I Find my Purpose ?


The Angels Say;

Find your passions

 live them

share them!

Through your passion purpose is born.


First we advise

 to please follow your heart .


There are a few very easy tools to support you in finding your lifes work and purpose.

Never forget to stop and smell the roses.

It is not just about the destination of your path

but rather what you receive experience and lovingly give along the way.

Always remember to renourish yourself

along the way.


Keep a gratitude journal.

Pay attention to the the every day events

that bless's  your life. 

This creates the space and energy

which allows the heart chakra to open ever wider and deeper .


Always take deep breaths.

Breath is spirit. It brings in clarity.


Spend some time listing and discovering your passions.

This list grows and grows until it opens many door of infinite possibility and potentiality


Create a vision board or mantras, prayers, rituals

to help you anchor in those passions into your life.


Listen, smell, touch etc more.

Bring joyful things into your daily life.

By increasing your five senses

you automatically, effortlessly increase your sixth sense.


Don’t forget to laugh sing and dance a lot .


To hear your angels guidance a bit easier  

go outside and write down a question to them.

Take lots of good deep breaths. Begin writing.

Do not stop to read what you wrote until you are finished.

You will notice your handwriting is different

and you probably will not remember writing most of it.

This is a trance state which allows the heart chakra to open fully.


Toning but singing a single note

until it comes out crystal clear

aligns and opens the chakras quickly almost instantly.


These tools will help you a quite a bit .

Best of all they are all free J

Blessings of much love in light RainspiritE


Do It Just For today!
© Rainspirite 2008
plant a seed
watch it grow
Share it with love
"Make a Difference in Our World and always be gentle with self while doing so "




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