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 I Cannot See A Light at the End of the Tunnel...........



Question:               I have been in mortgage business for many years.......



but now I am loosing money and close to shut down. I have tried all
different things for survival but no luck. My wife also runs a school
and she is happy money there. But she is not helping me out or even
taking care of our home mortgage. I don't see a light at the end of the
tunnel. I was born on 12/25/1957.

Dear N,

There are several different things happening here and the energy
surrounding you is so confusing...like a jumble. I need you to please take a
deep breath and relax your entire body and being so you can think straight.
You will need to see clearly as you have several options here.

You are very very good with numbers . You will have to change business's. If
you need something for the immediate future to help you out

take a very
quick class locally on taxes. Place a small add in a local paper that you
have already advertised in in the past and bring in extra income by doing
taxes. Try to focus on corporate taxes or small business's rather than
personal tax. You will need an extra class for that. This will be a
financial life saver for you.

Down the line N you will need to go more towards financial advisor.
Something you have wanted to do but doubt yourself tremendously on.

It has been very shaky about your home but I do not see it being lost.
Naturally your wife will need to participate in this so maybe your financial
challenges brings an excellent opportunity for her to start sharing
financial responsibility in your home. If I were using the tarot cards in 
this reading , you would have the strength card. This is where we learn to
speak our peace, learn the words no, no, no and enough is enough.

It is a wonderful time  to stand up for yourself and to accomplish what you came here to do.

N your angels say this is the crux of what is creating these challenges in
your life right now. You are being asked by The Universe at this point in
life to follow your heart and passions. Truth be told you are not living
where your heart wishes to be. In a way we self sabotage our lives in
unconscious ways. Your angels say you are doing this in a big way. The
Universe steps in and supports you in self sabotaging things within your
life. It does this in the hopes to gently push you forward into taking
chances in really following what it is that your heart desires. So if in
truth within your heart your soul longs to be somewhere else things around
you now "may not work out" to encourage you to follow that dream instead of
remaining where you are. Luckily for you it does not need to happen to the
extent of your losing your home and everything around you.

"All in due time", your angels say N. All in due time.

This birth year for you is a major crossroad. You will need to step up
to the plate and speak your peace. You will need to take a leap in faith,
take chances and risks. Know that the Universe is supporting you in all your
choices and desires.

Deep breaths and move forward dear one, they say.

Blessingsof Love Rain


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