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 Cutting The Cords ~ How To Detach



Have you ever felt when being around certain people

that they seem to suck the life right of you?

You leave feeling exhausted within a very short time?

Years ago (about 14 or so) often I would feel people "attach themselves" to other people.

Mostly when I speak of this it is energetically.
So someone filled with light would often attract someone that would suck onto and suck out that persons light. We use to also call these people energy vampires.

They literally on many levels would attach and suck the life out of you.

While this still goes on today there seems to be much less of it for many different reasons as energy levels and vibrations get higher. By higher I do not mean better I mean vibrates at a higher tone or frequency.

During those days I could "look" at someone and literally see many what I called umbilical cords attached around a person. I would advise at the time ,"picture a scissor and go around and cut the cords daily while doing a “daily cleansing” of self."

I found that often just within a few days time the same people would simply reattach a chord as well as others and well a lot of energy was expended cutting all these chords!

I was told that this was a reminder that they are me as IAM them…the great IAM as it was called.
They are another myself.

I saw through quantum physics on an atomic level that all our atoms were conjoined or connected in a molecular structure creating a strand (string theory as I later came to understand it) anyway.

So all the mighty scissors in the world were , well futile would be the appropriate word.

Through this new understanding I found my own personal way and that was to embrace all. For me this worked quite satisfactory with maybe a tiny few exceptions that would bounce around and off. That was fine as well and needed no other thought of understanding from me as it was a unique character/molecule which belonged to that person. None of my business in other words.

Deep breath

In many ways one might change the question from;

How do I disconnect to

Why would you want to

To what makes you think disconnect is a possibility?

I have found
In the embrace
COMES the connect.
(Connect can be seen from differing views as well. Some may call a form of connect, unconditional connect as detachment)

In this embrace comes
And a closer definition and comfort of
Truth of self.

So in a very long way around I say cutting cords simply does not work in clearing others energies from you.

A quiet detached space of embracing can work rather nicely in most situations.
When the other person feels the embrace and that they no longer need to expend energy on attaching to you they seem to simply forget it and let it go. It’s the battle and persistence they seem to insist upon.

This of course goes hand in hand with the expression what we resist persists.

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to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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