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  NEW~How Do I Handle Those that Do Not Nourish my soul?  
  Dear Rain Please say a prayer for me as I will be with my entire family this weekend (and my parents will be staying in my home). They can all be energy vampires and I am praying for strength to come from a place of love and to see them through....  
  Am I born a healer? ~NEW ~  
     I'm going to a reiki class next weekend and have been reading up on it ahead of time. It talks a lot about abilities such as seeing and reading aura's. It is powerful stuff but not something that I have been able to do. P---  told....  
  Why do people say hurtful things to me?  
  Thanks, Steph.  I looked up information on being an empath, and that is definitely me.  The only thing I didn't see in the information was people tend to say hurtful things to me, and I don't know why.  My family especially tends....  
  How Can I Find My Purpose?  
  I often am asked similar questions in  a reading. While each persons journey is unique and different there are also some strong similarities. Along with these similarities are shared tools that really work great! Wishing you....  
  I Cannot See A Light at the End of the Tunnel...........  
  Question:               I have been in mortgage business for many years.......     but now I am loosing money and close to shut down. I have tried all different....  
  You Asked ; Your Angels Answer  
  In reading for over 35 years now one thing I have learned is that we all share the same concerns, the same loves and the same experiences and questions. Since I am often asked the same questions , I thought I would create this space....  
  Is he the right one for me  
    Is he the right one for me?   I recently met someone at a mutual friends house. There was an instant attraction between us. It is very hard to explain. It is as if we zeroed in on each other before we even met. Somehow our eyes locked....  
  Cutting The Cords ~ How To Detach  
  Have you ever felt when being around certain people that they seem to suck the life right of you? You leave feeling exhausted within a very short time? Years ago (about 14 or so) often I would feel people "attach themselves"....  
  What can I creatively produce that will be monetarily successful?  
  What can I creatively produce that will be monetarily successful?   There are many areas wide open here. It will begin with you discovering you. Your angels say you have put you on the back burner for so long you don’t know who you are....  
  Soul Family  

and I was asked;


"Are we from the same soul family?

And your Angel answered

" We

are all from the same single Divine spark

of life."

  He's Just Not Ready for His Soul Mate Connection  
you can never change another
you can only change yourself
You will not ever lose anything
you will only gain by being truthful to you.
You are after all the only person that YOU fool
Let the dream go
and open your arms to true love
  Field of Dreams  
  Get ready to build your "Field of Dreams" your angels beckon. I know you are all feeling it...... I receive many emails  with these words of expression as each moves forward; "I remember once I wanted to build this create that.....  
  Words To Live By  
    Not Just Mere  words  ;   Read down this list of  guiding words from The Angelic Kingdom . Choose which phrase you feel will benefit you most  in this moment. Write it down tack it on a fridge or mirror....  
  2012 Evolution Revolution  
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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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