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 Creating Flower Essences



It is simple and joyful to make a flower essence such as those in the Bach Flower line.       One needs only water,, flowers...............


 and brandy.      However, the timing and intent infused into your flower essences are what truly creates their power and dimension.      To make  really magical flower essences, we need to follow our  intuition and the devic community at every step along the process.     This process begins well before I ever even imagine I will be putting together water, flowers and love!    


I always have on hand a few bottles of spring water.      I don’t like distilled water as  this feels lifeless to me        So instead, I roam the spring water aisles at my favorite stores and let my intuitive pick out the brands that I will be using for the next several months.     .     I like to have on hand a variety from all over the world.          I have always found that in the grand moment of essence making I do find one water to be better for that flower than another.            


I also like to have on hand at least 2 and possibly 3 different brandies.   Just as with the water, I will invariably feel that a certain brandy has a better affinity to the flower essence I am creating.   


When I am prepared by having on hand some ingredient choices , then I begin to tune into all the plants I am growing in my organic yard and wait for the sense that it is time.  And sometimes I wait….and wait ..and wait!     It can be months before I will feel the timing to be right and then all of sudden 2 or even 3 plants will call out.   


This timing comes completely from the devic community , from my unique yard and from the plants themselves.       I never really know when the timing will be right.        It may fall around a full moon or a new moon, but then again, it may not.    The plants will tell you and I have learned that there really are no rules related to when the timing is best.    


 I also have learned over my years of making flower essences that I will not be able to make a potent flower essence from everything in my yard.      The plants that are best are the ones that grow very well where they are placed.        When you place a plant in an optimal Earth energy for its growth, you allow the spiritual layer to develop far more fully .       This means everything when  creating  a great flower essence!         I grow in my garden upwards of perhaps 50 to 60 different species of  flowers – this includes both wildflowers and those I have planted.   


Of that large assortment  I will feel only about  5 to 7 will be correct for making a flower essence during an entire growing season.       Not only that,  but the specific plants that I use will be intuitively picked as well.     If I am growing 5 of the exact same balloon flower plants , I might only feel one of those plants to be calling for me to pick flowers.      I always honor the plant and devic cues.     This is why intuition is critical for making flower essences as I would not be able to hear all these timings and pick from the correct plants without it!     


When the plant calls to me then I will gently take several flowers or more (depending on what I feel )   and bring them inside.         I will again let my intuition choose the vessel that I combine water , flowers and love in.     I have acquired many vessels over the years of quite varied sizes and styles.    Some are on a stem, some are a wide clear bowl and some are hand blown glass.     What feels  correct for your essence  is  correct for your essence.  


I then choose the right water, place that in the vessel and lay my hands on the rim of the vessel sending a blessing and my love into the water to open the process.   Then I gently take the petals of the flowers and lay them on top.    I take my hands and hold the vessel while blessing the union and blessing those who might use the essence.    


I have placed the vessel in a spot that my intuition tells me is correct for this particular essence.      I do find that there is one very small Earth spot in my home which seems to be very good for this purpose since I find myself placing my vessels there time after time ,   yet I do also find myself using other places as well occasionally.      This may or may not be in the direct sunlight.      


I leave the petals and water to mix for the amount of the time I feel is correct for them.     This varies from several hours to well over a day.    You might want to cover your vessel to keep dust out and also curious hands or paws of those in your family.


When this process feels complete, I gently strain the flowers by using  either wooden skewers or else cheesecloth.     Metal is usually not an appropriate way to strain.         I have found only one or two times when  metal was actually preferred but, this does happen ,  so always  follow your intuition in the moment when making your flower essence.


The final step is to choose the correct brandy for the flower essence and add this to double the batch.    This way you will have about 50% water and 50% brandy.  This preserves the essence quite well for years.    I find that flower essences store best in a cobalt blue bottle rather than the brown, which are best for tinctures.           I like to make several one ounce bottles with a dropper lid and then place the rest into 4 or 8 ounce holding bottles.      


Then you are all set to enjoy the magic!  

By Chris Hagey




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