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 Dancing With The Fairy Kingdon


How do you know if fairies are about??
Fairies leave signs all the time letting us know they are around us.
The trick is how to interpret, and recognize them.
Look for Fairy rings.
What are Fairy rings
.... the amazing ring of toadstools or mushrooms in the lawn
or somewhere on your earthspace or out in nature.
That's probably the most well known.
If you have spent time on the hunt or just being aware and acknowldgeing them,
 they will make themselves known.
As a child  one of the greatest signs of fairies was when I was missing something. 
They love small objects, and anything shinny or glittery will catch their attention.
Mostly they just mean to borrow the object of desire for a second...
but their time frames and ours are quite different.
Sometimes it's gone forever.... most often you can ask for them to return it and they will.
I have little dishes and bowls throughout my home space that have
little fairy gifts they've lovingly left for me.
Little tiny bottels,bright colored beads or glass,tiny keys or charms,they all find their way to me somehow... objects given in friednship.
And maybe just appreciation for my acknowledging them.
Once I was out doing some tree work, when suddenly a large raven flew down looked right at me, and placed a robin's egg on the ground, he was only about ten feet from me, he looked me in the eye,stood there for awhile,and then flew off.... but circled several times before going on his own way. Well home the blue egg came with me, and I placed it at the base of my jade tree near the south bay window of my dinning room..... a few days later upon rising in the morning, I came into the dinning room and my eye landed on a bright yellow mushroom growing from the blue egg... wow was that pretty incredible.
Probably one of the most amazing and meaningful gifts was
a little silver ring with the colors of the American flag on it,
offered at a moment when I, as a mother, was in a place of great "need".
My youngest son was stationed Afganistan, and I was quite concerned for him, I happened to have him on my mind while I was working that day..... moving a large pile of decaying leaves away,there it was ,all shinning and bright... the ring with the unmistakable symbol of our country...
I knew my son was safe.... and that evening received an e-mail from him stating just that!
I have a collection of 'fairy stones" stones with rings or cirles on them....
most of these show them selves to me when I have something going on that I need some type of assistance with.... often it's just the little nudge I require to move forward on the project, or come to a clear choice about whatever it might be that's on my mind.
I am a collector of fallen feathers, and butterfly wings, all reminders of the fairy.
Elves and Gnomes are no stranger to my home and earth space either...
all creatures of nature and elementals, always welcomed and acknowledged.
My mother and the grandmothers,as well as 'My Maggie' all
spoke of the brownies and the pixies and the wee ones....
not so much of fairy in particular...
but we each see in our own way.
so take some time to be still and watch for sign of fairy,
see what may come your way.
my thoughts are with you as you continue to journey forward....remember if there happens to be puddles on you path of life.... take time to splash and play in them, and don't forget to make a mud pie now and then... and when the blossoms spring forth under your feet, stop to smell and enjoy.... feel the sunsets and the sunrises...taste the breeze...hear the song of the tweetie birds, and soar high on wings of love.... be present and conscious in each moment and feel it to the fullest.....let your light shine bright for all to see. and May you feel the peace that passes all our understandings.....
close your eyes at the end of each day with a contented sigh and open them each morn with joy in your heart....

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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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