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Self-Hypnosis can be used for so many things '

from smoking cessation to grief recovery to anxiety reduction.

The following is a light hypnosis......

Three Key Techniques of Self-Hypnosis
1.   Get yourself as comfortable as possible on a sofa or recliner (do not lay down)
2.   Close your eyes, take three deep breaths holding each one to the count of 5. Become aware of your body relaxing. Exhale slowly and become aware of feelings of calmness.
3.   Relax and think of, concentrate on, the area from your toes to your knees, suggest or image relaxation from the tips of your toes to your knees.
4.   Then give yourself your key word of Tingling as you concentrate on this area from your toes to your knees, feel it, experience it, demand it of yourself.
5.   After you feel your physical reaction draw your attention or concentration to your breathing. Give yourself your key word of Calm.   Feel it, experience it, and demand it of yourself. As you feel this emotional reaction, tie it in with your breathing and feel your breathing expand.
6.   Then place your attention, your concentration (think of) your head area, your eyes, give yourself your Key word of DEEP SLEEP. Just repeating it over and over to yourself DEEP SLEEP, DEEP SLEEP, DEEP SLEEP. Experience a state of complete relaxation and allow your eyes to move upward slightly.
7.   Deepen your state of hypnosis by visualizing or imagining yourself walking down 20 steps. Alternating your right foot and your left foot. Feel yourself going deeper.
8.   Stop and think of the positive suggestions you want to reinforce in your subconscious mind.   Take several minutes to do this.
9.   When you have finished, prior to awakening, give yourself the following suggestions:
      1.   Each time, every time I use my keys I will enter the hypnotic state quickly, soundly and deeply and will be able to control my depth.
      2.   Each time, every time I count from zero (0) upwards to five (5), five (5) represents WIDE AWAKE. When I reach give (5), I will awaken totally and completely, rested and refreshed with a positive feeling of well-being and complete and total confidence in myself and my abilities, my potentialities and my self-hypnosis program.
10. Count from zero (0) to five (5) slowly and awaken, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. EYES OPEN AND WIDE AWAKE. WIDE AWAKE!!!
NOTE:            Never go into hypnosis with a very strong negative attitude. Neutralize the negative attitude first by giving yourself some sort of alternative to what is affecting you. 
For example, if you are mad or upset about the fact that your mate is not paying attention to you. Give yourself an alternative which would be your ability to reject or become totally indifferent to it. That would neutralize that negative feeling or rejection. Then go into hypnosis.

  for further information and services contact Dr. Betsie Poinsett Betsie@ShamanicHypnosis.com  
Rev. Dr. Betsie H. Poinsett
Three Key Technique of Self-Hypnosis
Self Hypnosis CD Available

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