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As a Clairvoyant reader that receives her messages from The Angelic Kingdom I am frequently asked three questions:


How do I connect with Angels and Guides?

How canI hear their messages clearly?

Who is with me? What are their names and what are they here to show me?


These are really great questions! As a reader part of my purpose is to support you in both understanding and being able to hear your own messages. That is to allow you the truth of your own empowermant.


What most people do not realize (or admit) is;

1-Everyone is surrounded by a network of Angels, Guides and tottems.

2-Everyone has the ability and gift to speak to their Angels and Guides.


With some fine tuning of your senses and some supportive tools, we can hear all their daily messages lovingly gifted to us.


First let me take a moment to explain the basic order of Angels and Guides. Please keep in mind there is no better or worse. These "levels" are simply based upon frequency pitch and vibration. Those of lower frequencies and vibrations are easier for us to sense as well as "hear".

On the highest of these realms sits our Angels.

The Kingdom Keepers of The Angelic Realms are called Arch Angels.

They are of the purest form of spirit and have never lived full lives in human form.

Theya re the highest vibration in the ascension order of Angels and sit at the feet of The Creator.


Frequently assisting The Angelic kingdom are Saints.

Saints were once in human form and dedicated their lives to the work of Creation. 


Next in order of The Tree of Life sits our Spirit Guides.

These guides are seen in human form and remain by our sides to help teach and guide us through lifes' earth lessons.


The next group that assists us are our animal totems. They are life long companions that teach us as well as protect us whenever necessary.


In addition we also have Relative Spirits guiding and protecting us.

These are loved ones that have crossed over to the other side. They freuently choose to stay by the side of our children to watch over and protect them. When it is our time to cross over they are waiting for us to greet and welcome us to tyhe other side.


There is also a varity of Kingdoms eager to dance and play wiht us as needed. One such Kingdom is The fairy Kingdom.

Nature Spirites can be glimpsed, seen and felt when outdoors in the woods or a beautiful garden or field of flowers.

Those that are gardeners often feel their presence unknowingly.

The Fairy Kingdom forms what is called a Fairy Ring.

If you are extremely stressed, tense, angry or overly dramatic, you can be sure The Nature Fairies will attempt to play and dance with you.Their higher purpose is to help you to find humor once again in your life and in your heart. Their message is "Lighten Up".

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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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