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 How to Increase Your Psychic Abilities



We are all intuitive and psychic.

                                                      The following are some tools to support you..........

 on your journey to open and strengthen your spiritual and psychic abilities. These are the tools used to unlock its secrets.


Simple ways to get in touch with your intuition


1-      Get out into nature. Nature is both a healer as well as a teacher.

2-      Allow all 5 senses to work. In order to help develop your sixth sense you must be fully aware of as well as utilizing all five other senses .

Stop and listen to all sounds, both far and near.

Stop to smell the roses, literally.

See details around you that you might normally pass right by.

Look at the tiny detailed lines of a leaf. Or watch the little ants busily passing you by below.

Look up at the expanse of sky above you and take a moment to wonder at its beauty and color.

Smell, smell, smell. Burn incense, scented candles, bake or plant scented flowers.Walk through an herb garden and rub some of the scented flowers and leaves in your hands; or wash your hands with a favorite scented soap or lotion.Sleep with a sprig of fresh lavendar or a drop of scented oil on your pillow.  

A quick spirit lifter is to heat a small cup of apple juice with cinnamon in your microwave for less than a minute. The smell will bring you back to a place of comfort and love.

For taste let a small piece of choclate like a choclate kiss melt on your tongue. Or savor a piece of a favorite food or drink, allowing every taste bud to fully  and completely taste it. Notice your salivary glands getting excited amongst the flavors.  

Heighten all your senses. More detailed suggestions to accomplish this follow below.


3-      Frequently take deep cleansing breaths. Breath is spirit.

4-      Meditate- I personally do not meditate per say. I consider myself to be in a trance daily. Meditation however is a great source of opening and breathing for many. Find a quiet place to sit and allow your mind to drift. Go to a meadow or beautiful waterfall in your mind. While there just allow yourself to relax while breathing deeply. This is your special quiet time to balance and align.

5-      Listen to music to takes you out there or just makes you feel great inside.

6-      Dance, dance, dance! Let yourself move to the music and let go.

 7- Laugh Laugh Laugh ~ Nourish your soul with laughter

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