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Please, help make a difference in our world !

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Have you created a Special Product that you love and just know others will love it too?

Do you provide a Service you want to get out because you KNOW others will love it too?

If so write me

We are ready to explode and create our new world together.








A Guardian Angel Reading

is so much more than just a reading.

It is

"A Life Transforming Experience".

Guardian Angel Readings

connect to the deepest part

of your heart's desires

and inner truths.

Your Angels messages'

greet you with open arms

as they offer you their total unconditional love, 


and compassion .

In their grace and gentleness

they will easily break through

any hidden barriers,


and fears

that hold you back

from living

a more joy-filled life.

They are here to remind you

that "you are never alone".

They are here to remind you

that you are being watched over,

cherished, protected

and guided with love and faith.


That this love and faith

they have for YOU 

is also found within you.

They remind you of this simple truth

and show you how to recapture that love…

how to embrace the faith

in yourself and your path

and finally

how to


fully experience a

Joy Filled Life.

Thank you for your donation.

My hope is that through this sight

and connecting with you

that we have served you in some way !

Email me at


Please make your selection from the following choices ;

Guardian Angel Phone Reading ~ CHOOSE FROM DROP DOWN BAR

Recorded Angel Reading


Choose from;

1 ~ a 1/2 Hour or 1 Full Hour Recorded Phone Reading


2 ~ email your questions and I will send you a 1/2 hour recorded reading answering

your life long questions and dreams

Place order from above and I will email you an Angel in A cup gift Certificate! or

( Email me for more details )


Additional 15 Minutes ~ $33 ~


Xtra Services ~ $10.00



Xtra Services ~ $16.00 ~


Xtra Services ~ $30.00 ~


Xtra Services ~ $40.00


Special & Xtra Services ~ $44.00 ~


The Masters Class Program

Please email me for detailed information

Master Program

 (No refunds)


Blessings of Love in Deep Gratitude!

plant a seed
watch it grow
Share it with love
"Make a Difference in Our World and always be gentle with self while doing so "

© Rainspirite 2008

  Message In A Bottle  
  Be The Change  

Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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