Steph's readings have made a huge difference in my grandson's life.  He is 8-years old and has been diagnosed with Asperger's which is an active form of autism.  He hated going to school and had problems socially adjusting.  He cried and refused to go to school. It broke my heart to see him in so much pain.  I asked Steph for help and after a reading his Angels worked on energy balancing there was a tremendous difference in him.  Within a fews days his mother, teachers, and everyone noticed the change.  He is so much calmer and happier now and has even made a friend.  I have so much graditude for Steph and the Angels. I encourage others with children that need assistance to call upon her. What a blessing!

With All Of My Love,
T from Texas


Dear Steph,
Well, just as you predicted and to my astonishment (as there were so many odds against us), we got the restoration of funds to the state's university system. Most of us were hoping and working for $305 Million to be restored to the state university system in a very severe budget crisis in CA. You told me that would be achievable and actually we would get more than what we expected. You were right! We got $365 Million allocated back to the state university system. If you understood the economy here, you would know why that is totally unexpected. The most interesting thing, was the man you identified to a T as the one who would be the key figure in making this happen, was in fact the one who carried it all the way through. He did it exactly as you predicted.
Thanks a million!
Working for the Students of California



Thank you so very much!!  It feels so safe and comfortable talking with you.  I hated to hang up. I really cant explain it but it was really a great experience.  My friend D felt the same way.  Your healing is so huge, i cant even think of the word, omnipresent comes to mind but im not sure.  It just feels as though your understanding and connection is so sincere and trustworthy and enveloping.  thank you!  Its a process for sure. i cant wait to talk to you again after some time passes.  I hope you have someone like that for you!  Its so.........again, cant think of the word but the vision of my son's snuggle comes to mind. hope to connect again soon. 
love to you Steph!!
k from Maryland


I told my brother over the weekend that this was beyond a shadow of a doubt the very best reading experience I have ever had in this lifetime. I felt not only did I get healing alignments, enlightenment, but such a sense of peace and tranquility even before the reading was getting started good.
I got more out of this first reading with Steph than I have in years with in person readings. What a wonderful thing to know someone is actually following their calling in helping others on their paths of life.
One of the best things I think is the connection you make with Steph and the angels. It is a wonderful and great healing experience. She makes you feel so loved and welcomed.  The  homework assignments, because you really want to work on healing yourself and the planet gives you direction and guidance that is needed for both. You're interaction in this reading doesn't leave one feeling with more questions than answers but a sure sense of knowing and direction.


I will continue to recommend Steph and definitely continue to book her readings that have had a huge effect on my outlook of life and my path to follow. Thankful is not nearly enough to say for the gratitude that is in my heart for this first reading.

Steph please feel free to post my comments any where you think they will help spread the word of your great work.

 In love and light, Joan


My angel reading with Rainsprite was amazing.   The reading itself resonated so
> strongly with me that I was literally in tears.  My questions were fully
> answered about my own life purpose, including some instructions for me
> to utilize.  But the third question on my daughter was as if they knew
> all the fine details of the issue (which was 30 years in the making) -
> which, of course, they/she did!  The answer was so very helpful to me
> and allowed me to step back and be peaceful about an issue which has
> caused me a great deal of pain.  I am truly grateful for such a
> wonderful and helpful angel reading.  I have recommended Rainsprite to
> several of my friends and will continue to do so.  Blessings. 

MW in Cape Cod.

Sometime early 2008, I happened to open a wonderful website called

It was visually appealing and the content was food for the soul. I decided to compliment the creator of the site and wrote a message on the ‘Contact’ page. I received a response promptly from a human angel called Stephanie.


And that’s how it started. I started receiving regular updates from her website and Steph and I communicated on email. Steph is a woman of a few words but those words are immensely powerful and encouraging. In my tumultuous times, I have connected with Steph and asked for her guidance. And no matter how low or confused I have been, Steph’s words have always been soaked in love. Some of her favorite and adorable phrases are “big bear hug to you”, “follow your heart”, kisses of love”, “your angels are cheering you on” and the best ever was “come jump with me and let it go”.


Steph made me realize some very important things.

Firstly, nothing happens by chance.

Secondly, there is always more than meets the eye and lastly, beautiful heartfelt connections can be made by people across cultures and continents.

I love you Steph and thanks for being in my universe.

Love Sangeeta Delhi, India


During the past few months, I have been working with Rainspirite and I can honestly say that with her help, I have become more confident about my intuitiveness; I have become more connected to my angels; I have learned how to focus more clearly; and I have been able to let go of senseless guilt.  I find myself to be more accepting of life's situations and more aware that each situation supports my growth. As much as I have coined in the past the phrase, "Let go, let God", she has helped me reach that point, by merely pointing the way and supporting me each time I become hesitant.  If you are serious about self-growth and if you are willing to work for a deeper connection with your angels and guides, I highly recommend that you call on her!  She won't give up on you!

 Love Sandra - Northern California

Dear Steph, Thank you so much for all the work you are doing not only for me but i know your engagement and motivation for accomplishment your vision and dreams are so beautifull and powerfull.  I like to share with you that it's an honor to be a witness of  those wonderfull service
that you created with the lightbeings and i'm happy to say how we are blessed to share and to have this in ours lives!!
while the reading is going on you experience is like a big light start shining up and in you ( like those big water tower by the sea)and you are able to see all the parts of yourself, you see yourself from a distance and it become clear the places where it works and where you are stuck.
Then also the angels and you become like guides for the person ,the angels are knowing you all so well and you have had the honor to walk the road in grace before us so there from you can be like a bridge for us.the person also feels he is ready to give himself permission to letting go a lot off old stuff. so I hope i've been serving you a little with this writing
and in great respect for what you are, fine human and divine,
i'm greeting you heartsister of mine big hugges and kisses
A. B. Brussels Belgium
Dear Steph,
However we find our way to you, it is certainly a blessing for us.
I found you by asking three questions. The answer to those three little questions intrigued me and set me on a new path. And ... wasn't enough!  So I wanted more, an Angel Reading, something, anything that was more!  An Angel Reading it was, and boy was it.
After our Reading, a friend of mine was excited to ask me how it was. I described it as speaking with Ultimate Truth. Loving, comforting, supporting, honest, knowing, preparing, guiding, and most of all, they were there, so easily there. You can't go back from that!
Before our reading, however, I was very nervous. I kept thinking 'this is supposed to be fun, I should be excited' because I had been in the days before. But when it came time to call you, that morning my mind was racing. With random thoughts of the things I regretted to what I might have said to someone to what if I don't know what to say. Mostly, things I thought I might be judged for. Sounds silly now.
The instant changes in my life have been so beautiful it's hard to find words. There's a new peace that needs no words, a joy that no one can touch, and a knowing I'm back and All is Well. From all of this is the strength and power of Who I Really Am coming forth. It feels like a long time coming, yet happily so.
So how to express appreciation and love to the person who took special time and allowed it for my benefit ... I'm not sure at the moment, yet I know at some point I will.
Until then, for now know you are held in the brightest most beautiful light in my thoughts and I am anew. Thank you.
With love from my family and me,
A,B&C of Texas
P.S. I want to share a funny story of my Angels' sense of humor. The other day, I had bought many rock crystals, perhaps 15 or so. The same night I was so excited to read about them all, hold them, feel their energy, etc. And as I did, I said 'I'd better keep this one on me' and put it in my jacket pocket. Then I said, 'I really need this one!' and I put it in my pants pocket. This went on for a while. By the time I was done, I was pretty weighted down!
The next day, I received a message from you regarding an issue I had asked about, with my Angels telling me "He can't rock your world, it's already rocked!"

Dear Steph
How can one ever begin to thank the Universe for placing human guides and angels into our lives at the precise moment they are needed to save us from chaos and destruction.
I choose to ask Steph (a total stranger to me) three written questions last June '08. Her response was right on target. Little did I know at that moment the awful journey that was beginning and soon in store for me.  Within three weeks a business problem was escalating out of control, and at the exact same time I was "Blindsided" by the man who was my partner of two years.
My world was exploding, and being a very private person I reached out to Steph and my Angels.  Through Steph I was able to hear my Angels.  Their love, caring, and wisdom, guided me thru an emotional disaster back to sanity.
Steph's clarity and no- nonsense approach to my questions allowed me to find my way thru the maze of hurt and distrust that consumed me for months while giving me hope that I would find peace in my heart and soul once again.
My dear Steph, you gently held my heart and helped it heal, you are the voice thru which I hear my Angel's wisdom, and you have become my mentor.
I thank the Universe every day for bringing you into my life.
J.K . Newtown, Pennsylvania.



Thank you, Steph.

I also wanted to relate to you that, thanks to my previous reading, I sought out a specialist and learned that I do indeed have a serious thyroid imbalance, called Hoshimoto's disease.  This disease is difficult to diagnose (it took three different doctors and lots of tests), so I wanted to say thank you.  Without you and my reading, I would not have pursued this course.

 J.C from Helena, Ca.



“Thank you for the reading, Steph. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first. I loved your website and something about the beauty and colors drew me into it. It felt a lot like there is a loving, angelic presence in the site. I find myself going to look at it regularly, like getting a drink of fresh water during the day.

This was not like any ordinary psychic reading I have ever had. Some of what you said seemed so simple and yet hearing from the angels, through your being, is having a very deep effect on me. They have said things to me, through you, which I have known intellectually, but somehow hearing them in this space causes clearings and shifts that I have wished for deeply for a long time. It seems to be as simple as listening to them and breathing in what they say. It’s very gentle and subtle and still very powerful.

I see the ripples of healing going out to all those around me, too. It’s not always easy to follow up on the guidance, as most of what we are moving through is fear, but after talking to you, the guidance is more than clear, it seems like second nature. I feel a gentle lead guiding me through the places where I have fear. So the road may have bumps but at least it’s clearly marked.

I appreciate your sensitivity and trust in the way you open yourself up like this to the process. It’s a special gift and one very much appreciated. I look forward to speaking with you more to help find out what other treasures are in store for me.”



overwhelming amount of appreciation for you, who you are, and giving yourself and time today for me to feel peace and relief.
in hindsight, my knowing was always there and now i get to trust it again!  i'm on my way.
thanks for being there.
biggest hugs,
A.L. Texas USA


You were so right  he did not manage to come up to the mark but I have met someone else and is it amazing . I met him in Brazil.... seems i have waited forever to meet him. Your reading was so accurate...amazing.

keep well and joyful
United Kingdom

Thy will will be done.
Dear dear Steph -- your reading brings tears to my eyes, some peace, and hope. Thank you.


Thank you for my reading. I will follow your suggestions about how to feel their presence. Thank you for the peace in knowing that I have them with me always.

From B.T.B.


Thanks Steph love you!
I'm so enjoying everything I ordered and the gifts your sent.
Just wanted to tell you that you make me smile and to thank you for that. 
J.S. from Hyden , Id

you're my favorite woowoo witch!  ha.
today has been a great day : )  thank you.
A.L Fischer Texas
Thank you, Steph.  I will keep my eyes open
You inspire me...
I love you

L. H. from Orland, Fl

I would certainly not want you to tell me 
what you think I want to hear , there would be no point in me 
consulting you
if that is what you did. I haven't had readings for many years 
because I found that that's what tended to happen, and also because 
the readers
also added there own interpretation clouded be there own issues. You 
on the other hand seem to have done so much work on self that you
are a pure vehicle which is rare in my experience.

Big Bear hug to you,
M.B from United Kingdom



Dear Rainspirite,

Your reading was very helpful in regard to my children and quite accurate

You made me cry and I will treasure this answer deeply. It rings true.



Dear Steph,


Thank you (and the angels ) for the wonderful reading.   Now I feel much freer in heart and want to follow my natural inclination to send  good wishes. 

Your reading was just very uplifting  - just a great blessing.  Many blessings to you as well.  I'll read the articles you suggest on your website for more insight.

C.O . from NY


I have had many readings with Steph over the course of my bumpy journey to
soulmatedom, and Steph has become such a part of my heart and such a wonderful
guide and healer. Stephs ability to communicate our angels messages directly to us
is a precious and fascinating gift and one that I am privaleged and grateful for witnessing.
Stephs love is unconditional and pure, just like the angels she communicates with, and with
her guidance and her wisdom, I am walking along my very bumpy path towards my hearts dream
while she holds my hand constantly. I am forever grateful to my angels for guiding me to her and
for her guiding me. i love you loads steph xxx


Your sacred witness was important today -  I am so grateful. 


I received this email in July. I was just told this week that they are getting married.

Here is   how the candles worked for P. and I :
I am so overwhelmed with love and gratitude for the prayers and guidance from my angels who communicated to me through you. The 2 pink candles Ipurchsed from you felt to be infused with healing prayers and love for my partner and I. I burned them every night while thinking of him and imagined being by his side for the rest of this lifetime and many more to come. And within a week, things worked out just right and now we are together in a pure, genuine commited relationship and we've never been more at peace. The burning of the candles and the love and hope they released is beyond my understanding, but I witnessed the beauty of their results which has me living my dreams with my twinflame and our connection, our love and our bond is indescribable.

Thank you so much for my reading! I will follow your suggestions about how to feel their presence. Thank you for the peace in knowing that I have them with me always.

B.B  Ohio


To share your reading experience please email me at


 It was a pleasure to have a reading with you yesterday !
The reassurance that my guides gave through you in our reading yesterday is exactly what I needed to hear to set my mind at ease.  Shortly after we hung up I felt giggles rising from my solar plexus up to my heart and felt that this is the energy my baby wants to bring into our lives.  I could so easily imagine looking into my child's eyes, the two of us just giggling away for the simple joy of being together, here in body...
thank you so much,
T.E. from Alabama



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